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Olympus 850 SW Troubleshooting

Released February 2015, identified by model number 850 SW

Camera won't turn on ¶ 

Powering up repair guide

Nothing you try will turn your camera on.

Flickering image or no image at all

Is your camera charged? ¶ 

Ensure your camera has battery life before you attempt to power up. Plugging it in is another option.

Are your batteries good? ¶ 

Test the life in your batteries using a battery reader, or simply replace the existing batteries.

Damaged battery ¶ 

You may need to replace the battery if it will not power on.

If you have attempted to power on your camera multiple times with no success, you may need to replace the existing batteries and try again.

Damaged power cable (charger) ¶ 

Check to see if the cable you are using is frayed or damaged. The wires may be damaged internally which will not be noticeable from the outside. To check this you can try plugging your power cable into another device to see if that device will charge.

Sticking keys ¶ 

Key replacement guide

The keys are hard to push or don't respond when you push them.

Grime under keys ¶ 

Remove necessary parts (battery) and clean the keys using a Q-tip and rubbing alcohol. Let it dry, and put it back together.

Broken keys ¶ 

If you remove parts and discover your buttons won't work because they are cracked or broken in some way, you will need to replace the keys.

You can purchase specific parts for this camera at the Olympus website

Full memory card ¶ 

Memory card guide

Camera will not store any more pictures

The memory card is full ¶ 

You will need to delete pictures, which will create more room on your memory card. Ensure that you save these pictures elsewhere, so you don't lose them! To upload photos from a camera to a computer, you will need a USB chord that connects to your camera. For further instructions on how to accomplish this see: Apple's iPhoto Support Page

The memory card is defective ¶ 

If the above steps did not solve your problems, you may need to replace your memory card. Memory cards wear with usage and yours could be malfunctioning.

Incorrect memory card size ¶ 

Each camera has a corresponding memory card size and type. Ensure you have the correct one. It is easy to get the sizes confused, as they are all similar. The Olympus 850 SW uses an xD-Picture card or a microSD card of a large variety. Check Olympus's Website to ensure yours is acceptable.

Blurry image ¶ 

The lens is dirty ¶ 

Sometimes excessive moisture will create a film of dirt over the lens. To prevent this, make sure you keep your camera in a case. To clean the lens be sure to use a micro fiber cloth and avoid any rough fabrics. Do not use house hold cleaning supplies on the camera, as they may contain harmful chemicals not safe for electronics.

Lens cover replacement ¶ 

Lens cover replacement guide

Set the camera to auto shooting mode and take a picture. If the picture still comes out black you need to replace the lens cover or the lens.

Battery latch won't close ¶ 

Battery replacement guide

You can't get the battery compartment closed.

The battery is not in correctly ¶ 

Try removing the battery and inserting it again to make sure it is not blocking the latch from closing.

Spring in latch is defective ¶ 

If the latch to your battery enclosure is dysfunctional you may have a faulty spring. The spring within your camera is made of a highly malleable metal, making it easy to bend out of shape. Assure the end of the springs are not bent, as this will not allow the compartment to close fully.

If the spring is defective and bent, you will need to replace it.

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