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Pentax Optio WG-2 Troubleshooting

Camera Will Not Power On ¶ 

You have trouble powering on the camera.

Battery Missing or not Charged ¶ 

Open the the battery compartment and check if battery is installed. If the battery is installed then check to see if the battery was properly installed, making sure that the correct side is touching both the negative and positive end of the battery. If there is a battery installed, and it is installed correctly make sure the battery is charged. If all the above steps are taken and the camera still does not power on, try replacing the battery with a new one.

Power Switch is Stuck ¶ 

The power button does not depress fully or it does so slowly

Dirt Inside Button ¶ 

Try dabbing isopropyl alcohol with a Q-tip around the button , if this doesn’t dissolve the dirt follow this guide to take off the power button and remove the dirt with tweezers.

Screen Does Not Display Anything or Is Hard to View ¶ 

Your camera doesn't display anything on the screen or can't be seen clearly.

Camera is connected to a TV/Computer ¶ 

If the Pentax Optio WG-2 is connected to either a TV or a Computer then nothing will be displayed on your screen. If the camera is connected to either a TV or a Computer then for the display to return back to the camera screen unplug your camera from the device. Once unplugged from the device then the display will return back to your device.

Display Settings Are Wrong ¶ 

If the screen is not displaying anything then you may have set your display to OFF in the camera settings. To have the display return back to the camera screen, press the OK button.

Internal Components Are Faulty ¶ 

Something internally may have become unconnected in the camera so to check if things are connected properly take of the screen. Once screen has been taken off confirm that both ribbon cables are connected properly from the screen to the circuit board.

Brightness Settings Are too Low/High ¶ 

The camera brightness may be set very low causing the display to be hard to view. To increase the brightness and make viewing easier go to the menu settings and find the setting that controls brightness and increase the brightness to suit your viewing needs.

Faulty or Missing Memory Card ¶ 

Open the memory card slot and check to see if the memory card is installed. If it is installed try taking the memory card out of the slot and reinstalling. If the problem still persists try replacing your memory card.

Camera Will Not Focus ¶ 

Camera is having trouble focusing on the subject.

Subject is not in Range ¶ 

Make sure subject is within range. If the subject is far away from the camera then the camera will be unable to focus on the subject.

When taking a photo, press the shutter button halfway down while aiming at the subject, this will focus the camera on the object in the center of the screen. Once focused press the shutter button down fully.

To bypass manual focusing you can set the camera to AUTO focus in the menu settings. To do this press the Menu button and search for the menu settings dealing with focusing. Once in the focusing settings, enable the AUTO focusing setting.

Pictures are Too Bright ¶ 

Pictures taken with the camera are coming out too bright.

Turn the Flash Off ¶ 

If pictures are too bright then turn the flash off. Go into your camera settings and turn the flash settings to off. This will take out added light in the photo and make the picture darker.

Turn the Exposure Down ¶ 

If pictures are too bright then adjusting the exposure may help. Going into the camera settings and turning your exposure down into the negative values will then make your picture darker and fix the added brightness in your pictures.

Pictures are Too Dark ¶ 

Pictures taken with the camera are coming out too dark.

Turn the Flash On ¶ 

If pictures are too dark then turn the flash on. Go into your camera settings and turn the flash settings to on. This will add more light to the photo and may fix the problem of being too dark.

Turn the Exposure Up ¶ 

If pictures are too dark then adjusting the exposure may help. Going into the camera settings and turning your exposure up into the positive values will add light to the picture and fix the added darkness in your pictures.

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Camera switches on

day/date screen views

Press picture button or leave for it to change - Blue Optio screen appears

screen then displays mode - ie mountain for ordinary pictures but screen is black pictulated -NO View of what you are trying to take picture off

Is it Broken

Geoff Clague - 답글

What about consistent overheating? It keeps turning off to prevent overheating, but we’re nowhere hot at the moment.

TS ST - 답글

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