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Pictures develop as if unexposed and black.

Check the battery compartment and check to see if the battery is properly connected to the battery case. The terminals of the battery should be properly attached to the ends of the battery case to complete the circuit. If necessary use a rubber band or tape to secure the battery in place.

Often in a vintage camera an old battery has corroded, leaving residue on the battery and in the compartment. This should be cleaned off with a soft cloth or Q-tip dipped in white vinegar or Windex. If unable to clean, the battery can be replaced.

There should be two clicks when taking a photo and holding down the shutter button. This problem could be because you are not holding down the shutter for long enough, so the electric eye is not sensing enough light for the proper exposure. To fix this make sure the camera is on the appropriate indoor or outdoor setting using the lever under the lens.

Film speed should be set to 75 for color and 3000 for black and white. If the film speed is set incorrectly, this could lead to photos that develop completely white or black.

A patch at the top or side of a photo is caused by uneven spreading of the film development chemicals within the image. This is a result of uneven spread roll pressure on the developing picture, and may signify that the spread rolls should be replaced.

Picture looks cloudy or has dark or white edges

Change the indoor and outdoor setting to the appropriate environment to adjust the exposure.

Wear on the bellows of the camera in the creases and folds could indicate leaky bellows. In this case, holes in the bellows would allow unwanted light to come in contact with the photo. This can be checked by shining a flashlight inside the bellows in a dark room and looking for light escaping through holes. This can be fixed by applying liquid electrical tape or rubber cement to the holes. If the bellow displays extreme wear and tear, the bellows may need to be replaced.

Saggy bellows from old bellows can intrude onto the view of the image. The bellows must be replaced in this situation.

If the bellows tend to get stuck while opening or closing, this could be a result of a faulty frame spring. Sometimes the spring can get damaged from overuse, and it may need to be replaced.

The shutter button does not mechanically click twice successively.

This could be caused by a faulty battery. In this case, the battery needs to be replaced. Make sure the battery terminals are securely attached to the battery compartments and clean if corroded.

The shutter button may need to be cleaned carefully. If the problem persists, disassembly may be necessary. Upon disassembly, if you discover that the spring is broken it may need to be replaced.

If the viewfinder is difficult to see through when taking a photo, it may have excessive dirt or it may be scratched. In order to solve this, the viewfinder lens must be cleaned or replaced.

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