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Repair Manifesto Translations

Once a translation is complete and has been laid out in InDesign, it will be posted to

Don't see your language? Add it!

NOTE: Red links mean that the translation has not been started.

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Please insert a link for Danish, and I will translate.


Leif Herner, Denmark

Leif Herner - 답글

Has been added, have fun!

Sandra Hiller -

will work on the Filipino version

Al Alegre

Al Alegre - 답글

Have fun, you'll find a new red link for it!

Sandra Hiller -

Italian translation is being refined :)

Dami B - 답글

Hi, Portuguese, Brasil version contains some spelling and gramatical errors. Can I revise it?

cervejacomcereja - 답글

Hello. Please add link in Ukrainian, I will translate

Slava Slava - 답글

Super, we've added a new red link for you!

Sandra Hiller -

I will work on Urdu version, the world's 12th most popular language and have 70 million speakers across the globe.

nasirjumani - 답글

Great! We're looking forward to it!

Sandra Hiller -

Where can I find link to the InDesign file that I can edit and add translation?

Vasko Cacanoski - 답글

You may just enter your translation in the wiki that openes once you click on the link of your language. We'll take care of the layout once the translation is there ;-)

Sandra Hiller -

Please add link for Czech, I will translate it

jaynetwor - 답글

Has been added, looking forward to it :-)

Sandra Hiller -

I will work on a Spanish (Latin America) but there's no link!

Erin Branyan-Espinoza - 답글

Hi! I added the Estonian version.

Johannes Kadak - 답글

Please insert a link for French or French-canadian and I will work on it with my students.

Philippe Bernière - 답글

I added Filipino Translation just today. The link is still red despite of request.

Arthur Gonzales - 답글

Could you please add one for Lithuanian language as well….as I think I will be able to help here…thanks

paulius cepulis - 답글

Are you still taking new languages? Can you add Portuguese?

Luisa - 답글

Hi Luisa,

Portuguese version of the Manifesto already exists:

alessiodigennaro -

What's up with Yiddish?

I want to translate it to Yiddish.

Yankev Macher - 답글

Please ad Croatian, I will translate it. Thanks!

Marin - 답글

Please, insert the link for Slovak language, I will translate it.

Martin Kubica

Martin Kubica - 답글

Please add German link. I will translate.

Ray Culp - 답글

While exploring the Wiki, I discovered that the German page already exists (, so I added a link to the list above. I will check the quality of the German version and edit it if necessary.

Ray Culp -

I see the revision history is saying I deleted the link to the Estonian version. I did not do this, or at least not intentionally. I will add it back in.

Ray Culp -

I can’t vouch for brazilian portuguese but the ‘standard’ portuguese translation needs a revision!

Who can I talk to about that?


Luisa - 답글

I will work on an Igbo version, if you include a …

nnamdi nwoha - 답글

Hi, add a link to “Portuguese (Brazil)” please. I will work on it

A Arte do Reparo - 답글

Portuguese (brazilian) version is full of errors. I’ll retranslate it.

Alexandre Souza - 답글

The portuguese Portuguese also needs a revision… Where are the plain text portuguese versions??

Luisa -

Hi, i have the “Portuguese (Brazil)” already done. Please, add a link and i will tranlate it

A Arte do Reparo - 답글

Ditto for Portugal’s portuguese. The current one doesn’t ‘sound’ right! ;)

Luisa -

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