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The battery is not charging ¶ 

The battery will not charge and the charging unit shows no signal that a battery is present and charging.

The metal battery contacts are dirty ¶ 

When the battery isn't charging it could be because there is dirt around the metal battery contacts. To fix this, discharge the battery completely for safety purposes, remove the battery contacts, and clean the contacts using rubbing alcohol. Be careful not to touch both of the contacts at the same time. Do the same with the contacts on the charging base.

The battery does not hold a charge ¶ 

If the charger shows that the battery is fully charged yet the drill still doesn't work, the batteries may need to be replaced. To replace the batteries,follow the battery replacement guide.

The charger does not charge the battery ¶ 

The charger for the battery of the drill may have issues internally. To check the charger try another battery on the same charger. Also, try another plug if the charger does not recognize the battery. If neither solutions work, a new charger may be required.

The level gauge is loose ¶ 

The level gauge is visibly separated from the case causing it to no longer provide an accurate level.

The level gauge is not firmly attached ¶ 

If the level gauge is not providing an accurate level due to it being loose, you may need to secure it in the correct position. Visit the level gauge replacement guide for more details.

The motor spins slowly ¶ 

The motor coiling may be damaged. To fix this problem, follow this motor replacement guide.

The motor shakes ¶ 

The motor's gears may be misaligned. Follow the motor repair guide.

The trigger is stuck ¶ 

When you attempt to pull the trigger, it does not move.

The direction of rotation is not selected ¶ 

Using the direction selector above the trigger at the top of the grip, select the direction of motion desired.

The trigger is damaged ¶ 

It is possible that the plastic of the trigger broke and is preventing normal operation of the drill control. Fix the drill trigger using the trigger repair guide.

The trigger path is blocked ¶ 

It is possible that debris has built up on the inside or outside of the path that the trigger travels. To fix this issue, thoroughly clean the drill. To access the inside of the trigger mechanism follow the trigger repair guide.

The direction of rotation will not reverse ¶ 

The drill only spins in one direction.

The direction is not set ¶ 

Using the direction selector above the trigger at the top of the grip, push the bar all the way to the left or to the right to select the intended direction of rotation.

The direction toggle is faulty ¶ 

It is possible that the mechanism that switches the direction has become stuck and is no longer controlled by the toggle on the device. Follow the trigger replacement guide to assist in fixing the toggle mechanism as the trigger and direction toggle are one unit.

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