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The Brushroll/Soft Roller Does Not Spin

The vacuum is starting but the floor roller brush is not spinning. Brushroll Indicator Light on the floor nozzle turns red

The Vacuum Is on the Wrong Setting

If the vacuum is on the wrong setting, the brush will not roll. Make sure that the power switch is on setting I or II.

There Is Blockage on the Brushroll

There may be debris wrapped around the roller that is preventing it from turning. This is often due to hair, string, or other larger items that may be suck in the roller. Open the brushroll garage by sliding both of the release buttons away from you and then lift off the garage door. Remove any string, hair, or debris that may be wrapped around the brushroll by carefully cutting the debris with scissors. Slide the garage lid back into place by pressing down on both sides of the brushroll lid until it clicks into place.

There Is Blockage on the Soft Roller

Same as above, the soft roller may be blocked and unable to rotate. To fix this, first, disconnect the machine from the power outlet. Then, open the brushroll garage by sliding both of the release buttons away from you and lift off the brushroll garage door. Use the tab on the right side to lift out the soft roller. Clean off any debris that may be wrapped around the soft roller. Wash the soft roller, using only water and let air-dry for at least 24 hours. Reinsert the Soft Roller by sliding it into the front of the nozzle until it clicks into place. Look at the Soft Roller replacement guide.

The Nozzle is not Fully Attached

Check that the handheld vacuum and wand connectors are fully engaged and are making an electrical connection with the floor nozzle. The nozzle needs to be completely attached so that the power can reach the brush. When the vacuum head is on the floor, push down on the handle to make sure the connection is complete. If this does not work, something may be blocking the connection. Clear out any debris and try again.

The Headlights Do Not Turn on

The vacuum is working, but the headlights do not flash

The LED Headlights Are Wet

The vacuum should not be used on liquids because they can damage the electrical components. If the headlights appear wet or the vacuum has been used on liquids, allow it to dry for a few days before attempting to power it on. If they still do not flash, the headlights may have burned out or been disconnected.

The LED Headlights Are Disconnected

The two LED headlights are found on the front of the nozzle on both sides. If the headlights appear to be unstable or out of place, push them back into a stable position if possible and power the vacuum on to test them. If not, remove the plastic cover and reconnect the wires to the base of the headlights. Power the vacuum on to test the headlights again. If they do not, they should be replaced.

The LED Headlights Burned Out

The headlights need to be replaced. Remove the plastic cover and gently remove the LED headlights by disconnecting the wires at the base. Reattach the plastic cover after replacing the LED headlights.

The Vacuum Does Not Turn on

The power button was pressed, but it does not power on

The Vacuum Is Not Plugged in

This vacuum must be plugged into a wall outlet for electricity. Unwrap the cord from the device and insert the 3 prong cord into the nearest wall socket. If after plugging it in it still does not power on, it may be necessary to replace the power cable.

The Vacuum Power Button Is Broken

The power button activates a switch on a circuit board beneath. If either the plastic button has broken, or the switch on the circuit board has failed, it would prevent turning on. This is remedied by replacing the switch mechanism.

The Vacuum Has Overheated

The vacuum is equipped with an automatic switch off after it reaches a certain temperature to avoid damage to its components. If after using it for an extended period of time, it will not switch on with the power button then unplug it, and let the vacuum cool down for 45 minutes.

The Vacuum Lacks Suction

The vacuum is not picking up debris when turned on

The Vacuum Dust Cup Is Full

When the dust cup is full, there is no space for any dust, hair, etc to enter the vacuum. To empty the dust cup, squeeze both dust cup release buttons and pull out the dust cup. Use the empty button and pour the contents of the cup into the trash, close the cup, and place it back inside the vacuum.

The Filters Are Dirty

There is a pre-motor filter and post-motor filter. Remove the dust cup from the vacuum using the previous instructions to get to the pre-motor filter. Take apart the foam filter and felt frame and rinse both with water. Tap off any excess dirt and insert the filters once completely dry. Reinsert the dust cup. To get to the post-motor filter, remove it from under the handle. Rinse with water and reinsert.

There Is a Blockage

If there is anything blocking the floor nozzle, the vacuum will not pick up debris. To check for blockages, first, check all openings on the dust cup and remove anything in the way of the openings. Reinsert the dust cup. Next, remove the wand from the vacuum and look inside for any blockages. Lastly, straighten the airway of the floor nozzle and remove any blockages there.

String or Hair is Wrapped around the Brushroll or Soft Roller

String or hair on the brushroll or soft roller prevent them from spinning and block anything from being sucked inside the vacuum. To take out the brushroll, slide both release buttons towards the back of the nozzle and lift the lid. Use scissors to remove any hair or string wrapped on the brushroll. To close, push down on both sides of the brushroll garage until it clicks. To access the soft roller, open the same lid and use the tab on the right side to lift out the soft roller. Use scissors to remove anything wrapped around the roller and rinse the roller if needed. Wait until the roller is completely dry to reinsert it into the vacuum and make sure it clicks in place. Close the brushroll garage by pushing down on both sides until it clicks.

The Motor Is Dying

If all else failed, the motor could be bad and needs to be replaced. Follow this replacement guide to find out how this can be done.

The Vacuum Is Noisy and Vibrates

The motorized floor nozzle is noisy

There Is Debris in the Brushroll Chamber

Blockage in the brushroll chamber may be indicated by a red light. Power off and unplug the vacuum. Detach the floor nozzle by stepping on the lever. Remove the plastic cover over the brushroll chamber. Wipe off any debris regularly and use scissors to cut any hairs stuck to the bristle brush or soft-roller. Reattach the plastic cover over the brushroll garage, and slide the wand back into the nozzle.

The Bristle Brush Is Not Properly Fastened

Problems in the brushroll chamber may be indicated by a red light. FIrst remove, the plastic cover over the brushroll. If the bristle brush is loose, gently push it into place until it spins stably or replace it if it is damaged. Attach the plastic cover over the brushroll.

The Wheel Is Loose

Screw the wheel back into place by rotating it. If the threads are stripped replace the wheel. If only the wheel cap is loose, use glue to fasten it.

The handheld vacuum is noisy

There Is Debris in the Filter

Remove the dust cup and separate the foam and felt filters. Brush off any dirt and reattach them. Reattach and securely fasten the dust cup.

The Dust Cup Is Not Properly Fastened

If the dust cup is loose, push it back into the handheld vacuum until it clicks. If it is continually unstable or does not click, replace the part.

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What does the flashing of lights by brushes mean? My brushes aren’t turning

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Why are my lights flashing and my brushes not turning??

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My hoover is lacking suction and switches off when on full ?

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the brush and roller do not spin.. no debris

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Seems it's not energized St

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