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Shop-Vac MC150A Troubleshooting

When the switch is turned on, I can’t hear the motor.

Before we assume there is a problem with your vacuum, you should make sure the outlet you are plugging into is functioning properly. First make sure any light switches that could be controlling the outlet are flipped into the "on" position. Next, plug in a different appliance; for example, a light or TV. Also make sure the test appliance is turned on. If the appliance turns on then the outlet is working properly. If not, check any breakers or call your electrician.

Check to make sure vacuum is plugged in and you flip the switch to the on position. If so, the motor could be malfunctioning. In order to fix this problem refer to the repair guide for a malfunctioning motor.

Check to make sure vacuum is plugged in and power switch is flipped to on position. If so, the switch could have poor connections. To fix this issue refer to the repair guide for replacing the switch.

Another cause for loss of power in the vacuum could be a short in the power cable. Shorts in wires can become an electrical hazard. One way to make sure there is a short is to curl the wire at two inch intervals to see if it affects the power going to the vacuum. If there is a short refer to the repair guide for replacing the power cord.

When I'm vacuuming , dust comes out of the vacuum's hose.

Unplug and turn off the shop vac. Remove the black top off of shop vac. Make sure the black foam filter is in place and a clean filter bag is in place. The filter bag should only be used for dirt and dry debris.

Turn off and unplug the shop vac. Remove black top off the shop vac. If the black foam sleeve or the filter bag are damaged remove them and replace them with new filters.

A clogged filter can cause over heating in the motor. Make sure the shop vac is unplugged and turned off. Remove the black top of the shop vac. Then, remove the clogged filter. Either replace the filter or clean out the filter. You can also choose a more efficient filter if you have frequent clogging.

A broken filter housing could cause problems with retaining the dust that has been vacuumed up. Open the vacuum to make sure the filters are in place and check the filter housing inside the vacuum. If you see that it is broken refer to the repair guide for repairing the housing.

When I'm vacuuming, my vacuum doesn't suck dust as hard as it used to.

One common reason for poor suction is a improperly connected hose. Look at the connection between the hose and the vacuum and push the hose all the way in to insure the hose is fully connected.

If the sweeper is working but you can feel the suction is very weak, you could have a clogged filter. Open up the vacuum and look at the filter foam sleeve, If it looks really dirty or covered in a lot of dust, then it may be clogged and restricting airflow through the sweeper. Remove the filter and clean it or replace it with a new one.

If you have been losing suction and sweeping up a huge mess or if it has been a long time since you last dumped the sweeper, the sweeper tank could be full. A full tank can affect airflow in the sweeper. To fix this issue you should first issue open up the sweeper. For dry messes remove the filter bag, throw it away, and replace it with a new one. For wet messes, dump the main sweeper tank and make sure it is clean.

With the vacuum turned on cover the end of the hose. You can have a friend or yourself run a hand down the tube part of the hose. If you can feel air still trying to be sucked in, then there is a hole in the hose. You will have to purchase a new hose.

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I have a 12 gallon vac. Why does air blow out the hole discharge at the same time when the hose is plugged into the vacuum end? I just installed a new filter.

Yunko - 답글

Did you ever solve this? Mine is doing the same thing. I took it apart, cleaned out all loose debris and installed all new filters and it hadn’t helped.

Deni Ackeridge -

My shop vac ran, but was not sucking. It turns out the seal of the lid was not tight, because of dirt. Although it looked clean! I cleaned dust and grit out from around the rim and it made a huge difference. Now it sucks great!

clarkecomposer - 답글

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