Lid Won't Close ¶ 

You push the lid down, but it won't snap shut.

Missing/Broken Locking Clips ¶ 

Check to see if two locking clips are on the underside of the lid. If one or both are missing, you could replace the lid. A less expensive alternative would be to replace the clips with a similar sized object, or even stick a pen inside the holes to trick the device into thinking it is closed.

Battery Charging Issues ¶ 

You plug in the charger, but the battery does not charge.

Defective Outlet/Charger ¶ 

Make sure the outlet you are using has power by plugging something else into the outlet. If the outlet is functional, it could be a defective charger.

Broken Battery Jack ¶ 

If the battery jack is loose so the charger does not fit correctly into the device the jack to be replaced.

Defective Battery ¶ 

If the above issues all seem to be fine, battery itself may be defective, and a new one might need to be installed.

Black Screen ¶ 

The player turns on but nothing shows up on the screen.

Reset ¶ 

Sometimes the system freezes, and all it needs is to be reset. Trying turning the device on and off, and see if that solves it.

Screen Ribbon Cable Problem ¶ 

Check the ribbon cable connecting the body of the player to the screen. It may be disconnected or broken. If it is disconnected, reconnect it. If it is broken, you will need a new ribbon cable.

Broken Screen ¶ 

If the above options are not the issue, the screen itself probably needs to be replaced.

Dysfunctional Buttons ¶ 

A button gets stuck or is unresponsive.

Dirt in the Buttons ¶ 

Sometimes when the buttons get dirty, they no longer push in. Clean around the side of the buttons with a cotton swab to remove dirt.

Disc Won't Read ¶ 

You put the disc in and an error message is displayed saying "disc won't read."

Dysfunctional Disc ¶ 

Try cleaning the disc. If the same message occurs, try using a different disc. If no disc will work, it may be an issue with the player rather than the disc itself.

Clean the Laser Lens ¶ 

Open the lid of the player and clean the laser. To clean it, wet a cotton swab with isopropyl alcohol, and rub the laser lens very lightly with the cotton swab in circular motions. Be careful not to touch the laser with your hand. If the error message occurs after the laser has been adequately cleaned, the laser should be replaced.

Freezing ¶ 

The video freezes while it is playing.

Overheating ¶ 

Shut down the device so that it can cool off for while. If the environment around the device is hot, the device will overheat more easily, so try to use it in cooler areas for the best performance.

Scratched Disc ¶ 

If the disc is dirty or scratched, this may cause the freezing. Clean the disc or try a new disc. With scratched discs, the best option is to get the disc resurfaced.

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Switched on and off

Latasha Toney - 답글

Hi my Sony dvp fx720 DVD player won't give any sound through the headphones & there's a red light in the audio optical out hole which I've never noticed before. I've tried everything. Everything else works fine & the headfones worked up to the other day , now whenever I plug the headfones in & I've tried various sets , I lose sound. Could my kids have turned something on ? I have tried menu & display & options but still nothing. Can u help ? Thanks. Ryan. 07947656772. The crazy thing is I've 2 of these & I've the same problem with both , it seemed to happen overnite, just wondering if my kids could of messed with them, & if so what have they done to turn this red light on & for them both to loose sound when the headfones are plugged into a or b

Ryan Pickston - 답글

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