TomTom XL

This is a common solution to your Tom Tom and is accomplished by holding down the button located on the top of your Tom Tom for 15 seconds or until the screen turns back on.

Make sure that your Tom Tom is plugged into your cigarette lighter of applicable device. To fully charge the battery takes about 2 hours. There is no charging light on your XL. To check the battery status and see when your XL is charging, switch on your device and tap the bottom righthand

corner of the screen in the Driving View. The battery status is shown on the next page.

If your usb to power source cable is shotty it may need a replacement. To check to see if this is your problem feel and look for any noticeable damages to it.

It is possible that it appears nothing is happening because the display is broken. If the Tom Tom is working sounds like it is working fine but nothing is coming up on the display, it could be possible the the display is the thing that needs replacing. This is a relatively complicated procedure and instructions can viewed (add link here) for replacement.

A common problem when one has no reception with Tom Tom XL is that they are surrounded by either trees or mountains. You need to make sure you in clear and open space or your reception will be very bad.

Some vehicles have heat reflective shielding on their windshields. This may prevent one from correctly locating their posistion. You can also plug your XL into the computer and go online to their website to download the latest information about GPS satellite positions during the next 7 days. This will help your XL find your position faster.

When attaching your TOM TOM XL to the window you must first clean your windshield using a glass cleaner so there isn't any dirt that could cause your XL to not have maximum suction.

To counter this problem you purchase a bean bag dash mount online or at your local electronics store.

1) Tap the bottom left hand area of the Driving View.

2) The last spoken instruction is repeated and the volume level is shown. Move the volume slider to adjust the volume.

3) In the Main Menu, tap Change preferences, then tap Volume preferences. Tap Test to check your changes.

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