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VTech Safe and Sound DM111-2 Troubleshooting

Device not turning on ¶ 

No matter what you do, you can't get your parent or baby units to turn on.

Drained/bad batteries ¶ 

If either one of your parent units won’t turn on, you may simply have drained or faulty batteries. Plug in the power cable to the parent unit to check if the device will turn on. If your device will only turn on when plugged into the power cable, then you may have to replace the batteries in your device. The VTech Safe and Sound DM111-2 Battery Replacement guide explains how to remove the batteries. If your baby unit remains unresponsive after changing the battery, read on.

Faulty power cable ¶ 

If your baby unit will not turn on when plugged into the power cable then you likely have a faulty power cable.

Static and noise ¶ 

Your baby monitor is producing white noise or making strange sounds.

Parent device and receivers are too close ¶ 

If either of the parent devices are too close to the baby monitor, sounds will begin to loop between the transmitter and receiver causing a screeching noise. to correct this move either the speakers or the receiver farther apart.

Faulty/broken speaker ¶ 

If the device is on and there is either unclear sound or no sound at all, you may have a faulty or dead speaker. In order repair or inspect the speaker you will need to open the device, which is described in the VTech Safe and Sound DM111-2 Speaker Replacement guide.

Faulty/broken antenna ¶ 

If you are experiencing static or other extra noise then you may be having trouble with your antenna. in order to check the antenna you will need to open the baby monitor which, is shown in the VTech Safe and Sound DM111-2 Antenna Replacement guide. the antenna is a slender metal piece near the top of the monitor. check to see if the wires connecting the antenna to the motherboard are intact and that the antenna itself is not broken or damaged. if you see damaged or detached wires then continue to the steps pointed out in the VTech Safe and Sound DM111-2 Antenna Replacement guide.

Not responding to button inputs ¶ 

No matter how hard you press the buttons, the device will not respond to button inputs.

Button replace ¶ 

Check to see if the rubber buttons are placed correctly on the motherboard of the device. Open the device to locate the rubber buttons and try aligning them with the holes in the face of the device as well as the buttons on the motherboard.

Bad motherboard ¶ 

If the buttons do not seem to be responding, you must first evaluate if the device is powering on. If the device is not powering on then you must troubleshoot that first. The next step would be to open the device and locate the button. Check to see if the buttons are replaceable or not. If not then you must replace the whole board.

LED lights not working ¶ 

The power, low battery, and/or volume lights on will not turn on.

Power supply ¶ 

Check if your batteries are functional. Try replacing batteries to see if the LED’s are lighting up.

Bad motherboard ¶ 

If LED’s are not working, and the device has fully charged batteries and or is connected to an wall outlet, the issue with the mother board. You must replace the motherboard.

Device is beeping ¶ 

As long as the device is within range and nothing such as large metallic objects are in the way, connection issues, antenna issues, or even motherboard issues maybe at hand.

Battery replacement ¶ 

As stated before under powered devices can do strange things, that annoying beep may be once again as simple a fix as a fresh pair of batteries.

Power supply replacement/repair ¶ 

If you have checked the batteries and the Beeping persists. It may still be under powered due to either the batteries seating having a bad connection to the motherboard, or the power supply jack that connects to an outlet may have become loose or broken in this case as well. If upon inspection any suspicions are raised as to this being the issue one should refer to the Power Supply Replacement and Repair guides to remedy the issue.

Faulty/broken antenna ¶ 

If you’re still having a persistent beep and power issues have been ruled out, perhaps the antenna is the culprit. Check to see if the wires connecting the antenna to the motherboard are intact and that the antenna itself is not broken or damaged. If you see damaged or detached wires and or antenna, then continue to the steps pointed out in the VTech Safe and Sound DM111-2 Antenna Replacement guide.

Motherboard replacement ¶ 

If the batteries and the power supply connections are fine, the antenna appears in good shape and the beeping persists, the final step would be a motherboard replacement. The radio components within the monitor which are a part of the motherboard may be having issues. Unfortunately once again these components would be very difficult to service therefore one should refer to the VTech Safe and Sound DM111-2 Parent Unit Motherboard Replacement guide in order to go about swapping out the motherboard and addressing the beeping issue for the parent unit. In order to diagnose the baby unit. If replacing the parent units did not stop the noises and you notice symptoms such as powering on and off or refusal to turn on or record then the problem may be with the baby unit. to replace the motherboard in the baby unit refer to the VTech Safe and Sound DM111-2 Baby Unit Motherboard replacement Guide guide

댓글 15개

if the problem is a faulty power supply cord how do i get it replaced?

debraluke60 - 답글

the product is less than a year old.

debraluke60 - 답글

When plugged in, camera lights come on but does not turn green. Cannot get cam and monitor to link. Replaced batteries and have both plugged in. Monitor just continues trying to link but camera unit has no response. What now? Device is less than a year old and hardly used. Very disappointed.

katyb2835 - 답글

Mine too.... it's 2 years old now.

Heather Raby -

I've used this thing only twice.....if anything but the batteries is the problem, doesn't that put the onus on VTech, and not me? my prob is the baby unit won't turn on.

Diane J Rizzo - 답글

I got a new battery and a new cord and still only shows charged halfway

shiann palmer - 답글

I am having trouble with the beeping, the moniter sounds clear and picks up great but constantly beeps every few minutes, I hear the sound from the other unit perfectly but the beeps wont stop. Cords all work and battery is fully charged, please help!

isavedgracie2000 - 답글

My parent unit stopped charging. I have tried a replacement cord and it still won't charge. I took the battery out and had only the charging cord plugged in to verify it wasn't a broken led or something and it won't turn on with either power cord.

cheylee101 - 답글

My parenting unit will not come if i try to use with batteries. It works perfect when using power cord. I have tried many times with brand new batteries and unsuccessful. It is barely a year old

Caille hartig - 답글

Less than a week after buying it won't stay on. No batteries. It's plugged into the wall. Very disappointed.

Nicole - 답글

Have had trouble with the parent monitor not picking up sound. I can see the baby and the bed but not sound. Good thing baby's room is next to mine

Britnrich - 답글

Shows charging but screen won't turn on. Less than 2 months old. Piece of junk!!

Joshua Richard - 답글

Brand new unit, brand new batteries. Parent/child units both plugged in. Communication of sound from child unit is very good. From the moment units were plugged in random beeping occurs at parent unit. Checked batteries, checked placement of units - both closeness of child unit to person and distance between two units and all are within specification. Very frustrating. Will probably return both units. Less than a week in use.

Mike Kotubey - 답글

This is the worst monitor by far. Don’t waste your money. You can change all the batteries and check all the cords and it will still not work. The beeping is loud and obnoxious and the monitor turns off randomly. Terrible.

Cristina Dasteridis - 답글

Both cameras connect and show video but one camera feed shows green and flashes in and out, does anyone know what it could be?

megan.a.jolley - 답글

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