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Help! The car does not want to turn on!

Before you start taking apart your car, turn the car over and make sure the switch is in the on position.

On the underside of the car, there is a panel. When you open the panel there should be a battery pack inside. Make sure the batteries are fully charged and are installed correctly.

This is where the car needs to be taken apart to see if the problem is internal. Check to see that all the wires are secured and connected to the correct places. Look to make sure the wires to the on/off switch are attached directly to the board.

If nothing else seems to work, it might be that you have a bad motor. You can test the motor by removing it and hooking it up to a battery to see if it runs. If it does not run, you will need to install a new motor. Refer to this Motor Replacement Guide for more information.

Check to see if the motherboard in you car is correctly installed and all of the wires are connected correctly to the motherboard. Worst case scenario, the motherboard might need to be replaced. Here is the How to Replace Motherboard Guide for more information.

You are pressing buttons on the controller, but the car is not doing a single thing!

First check to make sure the switch on the controller is turned on.

Check your batteries in both the controller and the toy car. If the battery in the controller is backwards, it will not work. Try charging or replacing the batteries in the toy car and/or the controller.

Be certain that the antenna on the car is extended to its full length.

If the car is responding to some but not all commands, unplug and plug back in your servos from the receiver. If this does not fix the problem, then you may have bad servos and need to replace it. Here is the Core Motor Servos Replacement Guide to learn how.

If all this fails, the motherboard in the remote control may be broken. In this case, you will need to replace it. To do so, follow the Remote Control Motherboard Replacement Guide.

Your car won’t respond to your remote control actions or go the direction you want it to go.

If the car is still able to steer but not go in a straight line then try moving the white steering alignment lever underneath the car on the front axle.

If the car doesn't respond to any remote control commands, the issue is with either the remote control or you might have a bad steering servo that needs replaced. You can do this be referring to the Core Motor Servos Replacement Guide.

If the wheels looks like they are worn out, they might need to be replaced. Follow the Wheel Replacement Guide to learn how.

The led lights are out when the car is on.

Your led lighting might be burnt out, if this is the case you’ll have to replace the light bulbs.

Wheels won’t turn.

If your car won't turn on, try removing the battery and connecting it to the charging device before taking further steps.

If the car seems to be turned on and the battery is working, check to see if the axle is clear of hair or string that may have become entangled during a previous use of the car. This will require you to take off a wheel on the car. Wheel Removal Guide

If the battery seems to be in working condition, and the axle is clear, the problem might actually be that the engine is not working. If so, it will need replacing. Here is the Motor Replacement Guide to learn how.

If the car will turn on, the motor, battery, and everything else is clear, your problem might be that your transmitter or receiver is faulty and needs replacing.

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