Released June 3, 2007. Identified by model number T42 of the ThinkPad T40 series.

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Why is a new hard drive not recognized?

The 60 GB hard drive died, so I purchased the exact same thing, but the new drive was used and reformatted. It was recognized immediately after installation, so I just shut it down. After obtaining restoring disks, ( a week later), I restarted the laptop, but this time the hard drive was not detected in Bios, which was the same problem I had with the original. I don't know of any way to test this second hard drive, so it might be faulty or corrupt. I do not want to invest anymore money if the problem is with the laptop and not the hard drive. What other problem could keep a hard drive from being recognized?


Thank you, so very much, for your response. I tried resetting both the new and the old drives and the results were exactly the same with both. The IBM recovery disk fails to initialize, but it did start without changing the boot order in Bios. So maybe I can rule out a power supply or mother board problem. I doubt if the new disk was tested before it was sold and it may have bad sectors. I don't know if it was properly reformatted because for the brief time, that it ran, names of the former owner's appeared on a log in screen, along with the windows XP operating sytem logo. I'm not sure if this indicates a complete erase. IBM warns that the frequent removing and installing of hard drives can cause damage. So I hope that I haven't jumped from the frying pan into the fire with my attempt to repair.

Thanks again

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I've had issues before with loose cables and an insufficiently-powerful power supply. The latter is not relevant for this case. The former... is unlikely as well, considering the design of these computers, but you could try pulling the bay out and reseating it.

Do you have another computer you can plug things into? Even if it's not a laptop, you can use an adaptor to attach this drive to another computer - and then perform a disk health check, if it's recognized at all.

Universal Drive Adapter

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Universal Drive Adapter


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Maybe it is a little old, but few days ago i got same problem on my friends laptop. Problem is because the HDD is not seated right on the "dock". I tried few days with different disks, always the same problem. When i open laptop and put HDD correctly (without case) in, push on button and voila... disk was normaly seen in BIOS. Finaly, i put HDD in case and put it back first, power on (to see if bios recognize it) and then reassemble laptop back again.

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I had this problem on a T43 after replacing the hard drive "caddy" because the cover was cracked. The problem turned out to be that the replacement "caddy" (purchased on ebay) did not allow the hard drive to slide in quite far enough. I managed to fit the new cover to the old "caddy" and things work fine!

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