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Troubleshooting and Repair for the 32" 1080P LG 32CS560 LCD TV.

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Screen is black, But sound still present.What to do?

Watching tv and the screen just went black have tried turning off and on and unplugging audio still works fine I can change channels and hear different audio but no pictures through cable component or hdmi.

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1 -12--17 Just bought lg 65" super uhd tv. 2 days old. Screen goes black. Returned for a new one two weeks later same thing returning this one also thank God it happen within the 30 days

No picture but has a sound on tv

TV screen goes black when watching Netflix or YouTube..never happen when watching regular TV or DVD...what causes that?

this bullshit of a tv i jus switched it on now and the screen is jus black not showing anything but the sound is perfect,what is that?? where can i find someone to fix it

Veli Ndumiso Vodloza instead of ranting on here, it might actually be better if you ask your own question instead of making a comment to a 2 year old question. Go on here https://www.ifixit.com/Answers/Ask and ask a proper question. Give us the make and model of your TV and describe what is wrong with it. Let us also know if anything happened to it and what you have tried to fix it.

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I have a 65" LG, OLED, 4K Ultra HD, Smart TV. I have had this TV for 1 month. The screen just went blank / black but everything else was working on it.... sound, apps pages, etc. but I could not get a video or satellite image at all. I decided to try resetting the TV to it's original setting and it worked. I have a picture again. It is a complete pain as I now have to go back and set everything up again. But at least I can watch the TV again. Hope this helps some or all of you!!!

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Genius!! This fix worked!!

How do you reset the settings if you can't see anything on screen? Is there a manual reset that can be accessed through the control buttons? What is the process used to access the manual reset?

When my TV does this I can only "not see" a broadcast picture but everything else shows up. I just click on my remote to open up settings on my tv. That all shows up. I have had to reset my TV 2 times now to get the picture back. The last time I had it happen, I did not have time to mess with it so I just turned it off. The next morning when I turned the TV back on it was all working again,

This sort of makes me wonder if maybe something in the TV is over heating causing the problem??? Once it has time to cool down it goes back to working as normal??? I have no clue. But, the screen has gone black for video, satellite or broadcast on 3 different occasions not and I have been able to get it back each time.

D. Mark French, if you are having the same problem I am.... You should still be able to use your remote to navigate thru you settings for the TV...... If not, I am sorry and wish you luck!! This is all so frustrating!

i think i'm having the same problem as you with my LG. Just the "broadcast" image was not working, as well as everytime i tried to open a video file on my USB pen. It seemed that the screen went blank only when some kind of video format was playing. The problem is not related to the backlight, because i can see it is working fine. I tried to do a factory reset to fix it, but now i can't get past the 3rd stage of the configuration process - I select the language, then i select the country, then it asks which environment to use - "home" or "store". When i choose "home", it goes blank... i don't know what to do, I already opened the TV and i didn't see anything out of the usual.

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I don't know which model you have but if you hold a flashlight to the screen do you see movement and images? If you do the backlight has failed. If you do not see images you may have a main control board problem. Did the service tech tell you which board? You may find the board on the internet. Use the tv make and model along with the board part number with a google search.

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How do I fix the blacklight?

Hi Darlene,

How did you diagnosed the error? If you hold a flashlight to the screen, do you seen any pictures?

As stated above if you hold a light to it and you still see pictures you have a bad backlight inverter (think of it as a starter for the old style floresent lights.

As stated above just find model and serial # and google parts there are several online places that offer boards inverters ECT.

Just fyi if ya find bad capacitor or such I usually go up by 5 so that's just my 2 cents

I have never had a broken TV before--LCD or any other type. But the flashlight diagnosis worked--I could see the images. Thank you--I'll look into that rather than replacing it or making an expensive repair call.

How do I get the back light fix... I can see images with the help of flashlight

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More than likely you have 1 or more LED's that are shorted out. When this happens the LED strip will draw too many amps and the board will shut down all LED lights as an over-amp precaution. This happened to my 50" LG and I was able to fix it at no cost by removing that particular LED strip from the circuit. It is not a difficult repair, but does require someone to pretty much completely disassemble the TV. If you want to attempt the repair, here is a Youtube video that provides some instructions,


You can replace the strip that is bad for about $50 or just remove it from the circuit. If you just have one bad strip, you probably won't notice any change in picture quality after it is removed. Be careful if you disassemble the TV. Even if it is unplugged it will still have capacitors that carry a high charge of voltage.

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It's the led backlight has gone bad. Company will ask to change the entire panel assembly , for huge amount of money. Or ask to buy a Annual maintenance contract. Still expensive. Simply go to AliExpress website, buy led backlight bars and replace them. Or u can also buy individual LEDs there, and reflow/hot air solder it yourself. Search for LG Innotek LEDs.

Hello, I Have a Starvision 32 inches TV screen without pictures but only sound..what is the problem and how can I find this problem. Can someone help me?

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Had a 42 “ LG and after about 18 months screen would go black but sound was still on , rang LG but wouldn’t do anything as it was out of warranty. After 5 years of messing around with it (turning it off and on ) decided to buy a 50” Panasonic which is brilliant ,in the meantime I thought I would take the back off the LG and give it a good clean and push all the connections on securely and tighten all screws ( some of which were quite loose ) we now have the LG on the kitchen wall and it has not gone off at all and that’s after 1 week , it worked for me maybe it could work for you ,good luck

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Press volume down key and power button together simultaneously switch OFF main plug and then put it ON again

That's it your TV is on.

I did this with my TV and seriously it works.

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This worked straight away! Very easy solution

wow this did work thank you! i'm seeing videos and comments about opening it up and soldering things, etc. just a waste of time you had a simple solution i was looking for. now i can see the screen i'm changing setting to standard and lowering the backlight to preserve it.

Can you please explain what you mean? I know what you meant by holding down the volume button and the power button but I am unclear of the next step. Thanks so much for your help.

Me too! The volume and power button helped some but not 100%, I don't understand the next step. Do I unplug the tv? Help!

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Well not sure of this will work for every one but my lg t.v just went black when my son turned it on to play x box. I looked online every one was saying buy some chip. I just unplugged the power cord from my t.v and plugged it back in and it turned right on.

Think smarter not harder

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i recently had this problem. i unplugged it and waited . once it did come back on i changed setting from vivid to standard and never had the problem again. i think to much of the brightness of the screen kind of temporarily blew it out.

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I have tried that

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