Released in North America in November 2006.

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Fix cracked wii remote front

I cracked the wii remote front infrared panel while bowling, now it doesn't point. Can this be fixed? All other functions are still working.

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The tri-wing needed to open your remote is also available in iFixit's driver kits.

54 Bit Driver Kit

26 Bit Driver Kit

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You can try just unscrewing the case and removing the front cover and see if that helps. The front cover is just a filter that only passes infrared light (and keeps dust out). But if you damaged the sensor inside, then you'll need a new Wii remote. To unscrew the case, I believe you need a tri-wing screwdriver, which you can get at Ebay. If the sensor is damaged, you can sell the remote to a hacker who only needs it for the accelerometer.

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This is what I did to my remote and it works perfect

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The front of the wii remote had a cracked screen because my older sister or brother and me were playing just dance 1 2 3 or 4 she or he kept on hiting it out of my hand. XD is that your problem.

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