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Water damage ,Blank Screen

My Phone went in water ans stopped working . I think its motherboard is damaged.Can anything be done..?

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@aman123 you treat this just like any other submersion. it is a bit of a guessing game as in how your phone will respond to a proper cleaning. The importance right now is to not turn it on, or trying to sync/charge it. There is no use for rice in any electronic repair. All it does it gives you a false sense of security. You are really not doing anything with rice, other than losing time. It will not prevent corrosion nor fix shorted SMD components. Remove the battery, and disassemble it by using these guides. Clean everything with isopropyl alcohol (90%+) and a soft brush, including all connectors and cable ends. Clean it properly using this guide. It was written for a iPhone 3G but all the points still apply to your phone as well. Remove all EMI shields and check for any burned or missing components. You may have to repeat this step a couple of times. Once it is cleaned, reassemble it and replace the battery, then reevaluate for any real damage. Right now, everything will only be a guess, and the longer you wait the more corroded it will get.

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Hello Amandeep,

You are in hurry!!!!

You DON'T have tu use your phone after water damage.

If is possible:


in any case put the phone in a fridge plastic bag with a lot of rice.

The amount of rice depends by how is big your phone.

Leave it in the bag with the rice at least for 2 days!

Unfortunately a lot of hour are gone from your message, the more you have try tu use the phone, the more you have damaged it!

Try at first with the rice then if you have a LOT of LUCK your phone will be alive otherwise you will have to give the phone to a technician lab where the phone will be disassembled and the washed with a solution like isopropilic alcohol and ultrasound.

I cross my finger for you..

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Suggesting Rice as a desiccant is an old wives tale and completely fallacious. It will also get you down voted a lot on this site.

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