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Huawei’s first smartphone with the new Kirin 970 chip. Released November 2017.

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custom upgrade camera to p20 pro

hi i own a mate 10 pro and i want to upgrade his camera 20mp to buy the camera of p20 pro 40mp and put it in my mate 10 this possible??i think they have same motherboards same camera software cause i got all the upgrade camera features of p20 pro in my mate 10 pro and cpu gpu same i think.ofc the company doesn do it cause they say pay 600eyro to get the p20 pro ;) .

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I’m not sure if that would work. Yeah the motherboards may be same but they will have entirely new IC’s on board and apparently the rear camera has a dedicated chip for camera adjustment and zoom levels etc. Therefore, if you upgraded, the connectors on the camera will most likely be different and will not have the IC needed in order for the camera to function correctly. Why not just get an upgrade / contract or pay the pro off on finance and pay for a SIM only deal?

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