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Hard drive on HP laptop not being detected

Hi I’m speaking on my boyfriend’s behalf because he’s currently working deep sea. He has a HP laptop and told me his hard drive was no longer being detected, the root of the problem is he didn’t dismount the hard drive before he has disconnected. I have no idea how many times his has happened. He has no internet connection strong enough to do anything with the laptop but needs the work on the hard drive.

i looked at a tutorial for the process in disk management and to fix the hard drive when it’s detected there and something about lettering? That wasn’t being detected here. My boyfriend said something comes up about partition recovery? Will this clear his laptop and Microsoft office?

Sorry to be vague with my questions

(HP pavilion a gold colour no actual clue what type.. he doesn’t even know)

Update (09/12/2018)

I just searched, HP 15-BW067SA AMD A9-9420 4GB 1TB 15.6 INCH WINDOWS 10 LAPTOP IN GOLD

Update (09/12/2018)

On the model It says ‘model 15-aw04sa’ it’s a HP Pavilion notebook

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hp 15-bw067sa amd a9-9420 4gb 1tb 15.6 inch windows 10 laptop in gold

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Might be better to get him to take pictures of the bottom and top of the laptop and post it here or get the model number from under the laptop. That way we have a better indication of what laptop model this is.

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hp 15-bw067sa amd a9-9420 4gb 1tb 15.6 inch windows 10 laptop in gold

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