cranks but won't start

have done a lot to it checked for fuel and has 52 psi.. at crank. and has spark and did compression test and its good too 140 to 160 .. checked injector pulse and its good replaced cam and crank sensors and was at a Nissan dealer and was told the timing chain may be off too. so I did replace the front timing chain assy. too.. they checked it out and said that would be there next step..  so I did it and still no start..

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Did you make sure that the timing was correct.

hello I’m John. i am working on this same issue right now and i was informed that the ecu needs replaced. i am waiting for that as we speak. i will keep you up to date on progress when part arrives.

ok that is great .. yes let me know if that works...

John ..can you tell me were the location is of the ecm on my 2005 Nissan Murano....

yes i did check the timing and it is ok

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