Screen Powering on but not displaying


I have a problem with my ASUS Transformer Book T100HA 64 bits and windows 10

When I press the power button the tablet turns on and displays the name and the slogan of ASUS. However, afterwards the screen doesn’t display anything. It only lights up.

Has anyone faced some issue like this? And does anyone have a solution for this situation?

Thank you in advance

Ana Rita Domingues

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Hi @anadomingues ,

Try starting in safe mode and check if the display is OK.

If it is you have a video driver problem

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Do you ever see a floating mouse cursor of any sort?

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no, I can only see the light

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Hi @anadomingues ,

What happens when you start in safe mode, you didn't say?

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Hello @jayeff,

The only way I tried was with the F8/Shift+F8 because I cannot select any option. However it didn't work.

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