Brief display flicker during light or heavy GPU loads

Wondering if anyone has an experience similar to mine and what they may have done to correct it.

I have a 2014 15” MacBook Pro, 2.2GHz i7, 16GB RAM, Integrated Iris Pro 1536 Graphics (NO DEDICATED GRAPHICS). I’m currently running Mojave.

I have noticed for a while that entirely independent of load, I will get an occasional screen flicker where my entire display goes black for maybe 1/100th of a second. I’ve noticed it primarily when working in Photoshop (where it will occur maybe once every 2-3 minutes or so if working on a file over 3-5 MB), but also while casually browsing an eBay page, with maybe one or two tabs open in Safari (screen flicker in this scenario happens maybe once every 7-10 minutes). I have tried numerous NVRAM resets and SMC resets, to no avail.

The temp of the MBP does not seem to matter either, as I have noticed the flicker occur at all ranges of temperature, from 38 degrees Celsius up to 85 degrees Celsius (CPU temp).

Any thoughts or suggestions?

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Do you see this issue when using an external monitor? Thats important to test here.

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