PSP 1001 not turning on. Green light black screen.

I found my brother’s old PSP 1001 that had stopped working a long time ago, according to him. I found it while cleaning out the workshop. I am trying to get it working and when I got a brand new battery and charger, only a green light is showing and there is no sound and the screen is black. I don’t know when the PSP stopped working, but I do know it has been well over 7+ years, and sitting in an old camera bag. My brother moved out maybe 5 years ago, and it has been broken well before he graduated from high school. When I opened the PSP step by step very carefully, the only thing I can spot that is broken off or damaged is the left speaker, the screen, and I assume is the WLAN switch. The WLAN switch is completely broken off of the motherboard and has a little rusting where it was. The screen is cracked quite a bit, probably form when it fell, and the left speaker needs soldering back on. The moisture pad in the battery compartment is red and the SD card is unreadable in both my mac, with a memory stick duo reader, and in a Windows 10 laptop with the same reader. I know the reader works because I use it with my micro SD cards. The only thing I can think of that is wrong is either the screen or the motherboard, but the only thing broken off the motherboard is the WLAN switch and the left speaker.

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