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Background and Identification

Released in 2009, The Element Electronics GC-1020 media player is a music, video player, radio, calendar, clock, radio, voice recorder, and gaming device all in one. The device features 2GB of memory with a memory card slot for increased memory capacity, the device comes with a charging cable and headphones. Due to a title transfer between companies, the device is also known as the Sears GC-1020.

Preceded by the Element Electronics GC-810, the GC-1020 model improved in design and memory capacity featuring a 2.4" LCD display and an additional 1GB of internal memory. Because of similarities between the two devices, users may benefit from troubleshooting advice found in the GC-810 user manual. The GC-1020 was replaced by the upgraded model, the Sears GC-922, with color options in black, pink, and navy blue. The GC line has since been discontinued by both companies.

Additional Information

GC-1020 Users Manual

Sears GC-922

Cnet Information

Element GC-810 Users Manual

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