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Background and Identification

The Hover-1 Chrome is a brightly colored, metallic looking hover board. The words Hover-1 are written on its side. Similar to a normal scooter but without handles, the Hover-1 Chrome is self balancing and propels itself using two 6.5" wheels on either side of the rider. It has two rubber pads for the riders feet, and is controlled by the way the rider leans.

Weighing roughly 20 lbs, it can move at up to 6.5 mph while carrying loads of up to 220 lbs. It has built in Bluetooth speakers. It also has LED lights attached.

The Chrome is water resistant.

The Hover-1 Chrome is slower than other Hover-1 devices such as the Hover-1 Ultra or H1, which move between 9 and 10 mph. It is also smaller than devices such as the Hover-1 Titan or Nomad, which have far bigger wheels.

The Hover-1 Chrome has not had any major issues or manufacturer recalls.

Additional Information

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