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If you are experiencing difficulties with the Lenovo ThinkPad X140e, please visit our troubleshooting page.

The ThinkPad X140e, made by Lenovo, was released in December 2014. This sleek laptop is available in either a black or a red top cover and comes with a configurable 5-point click TrackPad.

Despite weighing only 3.92 lbs, this laptop was military tested to ensure that it has maximum durability. It is also equipped with a spill-resistant keyboard and an accelerometer that stops the drive when a fall is detected.

This laptop has an 11.6" LED screen with 8.5 hours of battery life that makes it a popular choice for the travelling businessperson. It can be identified most easily by the "X140e" label near the bottom right of the LED display.

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Lenovo Thinkpad x140e Specific Specs

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