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Having difficulties with this device? Visit the Siemens A56 Troubleshooting page for assistance.

Background Information

Siemens' A56 GSM handset delivers strong call quality with a limited feature set. The main difference between the units is that the A56 doesn't have a speakerphone or support for J2ME, so you can't download applications or games. But customers looking for an entry-level mobile phone will find this to be a serviceable unit. Although it features the same small footprint as the CT56--weighing 3 ounces and measuring 4 by 1.7 by 0.8 inches--the A56 sports a slightly more rounded look. The buttons are small, yet raised sufficiently for easy dialing. It is also possible to remove the phone's blue faceplate and exchange it for another ClipIt model. See Figure 1 (below) for further assistance differentiating between the A56 and other similar phones.

Block Image

Figure 1: Model Comparison


The phone has an internal GSM antenna with a GSM dual band (850/1900). The 700mAh Lithium Ion battery supports up to 300 minutes of call time. The phone also features an Internet Browser, Conference Calling capabilities, a Polyphonic Ringer, Intelligent Typing (T9), an Alarm Clock, a Phone Book (up to 50 entries), a Call Log (last 10), a Phone Lock, and a SIM Lock.

Additional Information

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