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Background and Identification

The iCLEBO Arte is a robotic vacuum released in May of 2014 by Yujin Robot. This is a YCR-M05 model, distinguished by it's solid black color scheme. In comparison, the YCR-M05-20 model adopts a silver color on the front. There are many robotic vacuums in the market, so make sure that the device you have is an Arte sweeper. All models resemble a hexagon enclosed within a circle and feature the name of the product in the center of the vacuum below the electronic display.

The product comes equipped with a remote and uses multiple patterns and settings to clean all areas on a flat surface. On top of the vacuum, a smart display features the cleaning pattern the robot is currently performing, a timer that shows how much time is left until the next mode is automatically activated, and a battery level indicator. Once the robot has completely finished cleaning a floor, it will automatically return to its charging station.

Additional Information

Yujin Robot: iCLEBO Arte

Amazon: iCLEBO Arte Robotic Vacuum

CNET: iCLEBO Arte Review

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