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Clemson, Team 13-1, Benson Fall 2013

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팀 태그: CLEM-BENSON-F13S13G1

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LG Cosmos 2 Battery Replacement

It is simple to replace a battery that no longer holds a charge.

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LG Cosmos 2 Speaker Replacement

The speaker is located near the bottom of the phone. Replacing it only...

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LG Cosmos 2 Motherboard Replacement

Replacing the motherboard will take some care and time.

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LG Cosmos 2 QWERTY Keyboard Replacement

To replace a worn or broken QWERTY keyboard, you will need to first remove...

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LG Cosmos 2 Option Buttons Replacement

The option buttons located on the side of the phone are very easy to replace.

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LG Cosmos 2 LCD Display Replacement

To replace a broken or malfunctioning LCD display, you will need to...

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LG Cosmos 2 Front Keyboard Replacement

Replacing the numerical keyboard on the front of the phone (not the QWERTY...

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LG Cosmos 2 Rear Case Replacement

It is fairly easy to replace broken or shattered rear case.