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Drill Master 1500 Watt Dual Temperature Heat Gun Troubleshooting

Heat gun released in 2007 by Harbor Freight Tools, identified by item number 96289.

Smoke comes out of the end when you turn the gun off after use.

The problem could be caused by rapid changes between the high and low settings. When the coil does not cool quickly enough, the heating coil in the barrel smokes.

Instead of switching rapidly between settings, turn off the gun completely for a few seconds before switching to a different setting.

First, check the connections on the motor to make sure they are secure. If they are secure, open the gun casing to ensure the motor casing is free of debris. If the motor is smoking, it is likely because an electrical problem. To fix it, replace the motor using the Drill Master Heat Gun Motor Replacement Guide.

When powered on, the butt of the barrel produces sparks.

Ensure all of the connections on the motor are secure. If the motor sparks when switched on, replace the motor immediately. Avoid switching the device on again until the motor has been replaced.

Both heat settings produce the same heat temperature.

The diode inside the power switch that allows the the device to switch between low and high heat may be broken. When the diode is broken, the heat gun can work on only one setting. In order to fix this problem, follow the steps in the Drill Master Heat Gun Power Switch Replacement Guide.

The heat gun is unresponsive when switched on.

If the power switch appears loose and the device is unresponsive when plugged into a power supply, the power switch may be faulty. Replace the power switch using the Drill Master Heat Gun Power Switch Replacement Guide.

Ensure the device is plugged into an electrical outlet. This device is not battery-operated and must be plugged during use. If the device continues to be unresponsive, consider trying a different outlet and check for a tripped breaker. This might be an issue with the power supply to the outlet.

Ensure the device’s power cord is completely flush with the outlet. If the device remains unresponsive, unplug the cord. Check for any exposed or frayed wires near the plug or base of the device where the cord it attached. If frayed wiring is exposed, the power cord is damaged and must be replaced. To replace it, follow the steps in the Drill Master Heat Gun Power Cord Replacement Guide.

The heat gun is on, but is not heating up.

If the device blows cool air and does not produce heat when powered on, it is because of a faulty or broken heating coil. The best fix for this problem is to open up the casing and replace the heating coil. For a step by step guide to replace the heating coil, see theDrill Master Heat Gun Heating Coil Replacement Guide.

Heat Gun smells like burning plastic when powered on.

It is normal for the device to smell like burning plastic when powered on for the first time. Between device production and consumer use, dust collects on the heating elements. During the device’s first use, the dust burns off.

If the device smells like burning plastic shut it off immediately. Continued use of the device while wires touch the heating coils may result in damage to the wire insulation. Follow the first few steps in the [http://Drill Master Heat Gun Heating Coil Replacement|Drill Master Heat Gun Heating Coil Replacement Guide] to open the device and check that no wires are touching the heating coils.

If the device produces heat, but does not blow air, replace the fan. This is an especially important problem to fix quickly because a faulty fan can cause the heating coil to overheat and burn internal wiring and plastic. To replace it, follow the steps in the Drill Master Heat Gun Fan Replacement.

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I’ve use my Drill Master heat gun a bunch of times over several years and all of the sudden the black plastic handle is sticky all over. I’ve tried to get rid of the “sticky” with many full strength cleaners including goo remover. Black comes off on rags but nothing works to make the plastic un-sticky. The handle must be made out of a bad plastic mixture. This makes it annoying to use - I pray it’s safe.

Finch - 답글

That's the plasticiser leaching out of the plastic. It happens over time to most plastic finishes that have that “soft-touch" (rubbery) feel.

To fix it, take a clean rag soaked in rubbing alcohol and vigorously wipe down the handle. You want to rub off all the rubber coating and just leave the hard plastic underneath exposed. The rubber coating is only a fraction of a millimeter thick but it'll take a lot of rubbing and a lot of alcohol, and you'll probably use several rags as the sticky stuff tends to coat the rag while you're working. Once done the handle will be rescued for good. The sticky stuff only comes out of the rubberised coating (which you’ve just scrubbed off) and not the hard plastic underneath.

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