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Felt Z85 Troubleshooting

Released 2013

Brakes don't stop well, or at all

Make sure that the brake-release lever is not in the released position. This can happen if the bikes wheels were taken off recently.

Sometimes the brake pads can fall out of alignment with the brake contact on the wheels, causing poor braking performance. This can be resolved by loosening the shoes using an allen key and adjusting them to meet the breaking surface.

In certain situations the entire caliper can come out of alignment. This can be fixed by pulling the lever hard to reset the caliper or by physically rotating the caliper by hand.

Try rotating the Barrel Adjuster on the caliper where the cable is inserted.

When trying to change gears, the chain will jump multiple gears

The barrel adjusters are effectively tensioners in the shift cable that keep the derailleur where it needs to be. Try rotating each one counter-clockwise/clockwise until the derailleur is in the correct gear.

When shifting or while riding the chain will randomly fall off

If the chain falls off when only in the highest or lowest gears, try adjusting the derailleur limit screws. They are labeled H(High) and L(Low) and are located on the derailleur itself.

Although all chains look alike there are many different variations and types. Make sure the chain is valid for a 10 speed drivetrain.

Tire goes goes flat immediately after changing

If tire goes flat after replacing the tube, there could be debris inside of the tire itself or something inside of the rim. Sharp objects can be and often are the culprit.

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