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GoPro won't power on

The GoPro will not turn on, no matter what you do.

GoPro is not charged

Make sure the GoPro is charged. Charge the GoPro by using provided USB connector and plugging it into a computer. You can also use the GoPro wall or automobile charger.

If the GoPro still does not charge, please use the microSD/Micro USB Port Assembly Replacement guide to replace your assembly. A poor connection inside the Micro USB port may prevent your GoPro from charging.

GoPro does not have battery

Make sure you have a battery inside and connected to your GoPro. If not, insert the battery into your GoPro and make sure it is charged.

For instructions on replacing the battery please visit out Battery Replacement guide.

GoPro has unresponsive buttons

You cannot navigate menus or operate the camera due to unresponsive buttons.

GoPro freezes up

Press and hold the Power/Mode button for 8 seconds to reset your camera. The reset saves all of your content and settings, and powers off the camera.

If the reset does not work, please refer to our Motherboard Replacement guide in order to replace a defective motherboard.

GoPro video playback is choppy

The playback is not consistent when you watch videos recorded by your camera on a computer.

Using incompatible video player

Not all video players support the H.264 codec (what the GoPro uses). For best results, use the GoPro Studio Software available for free here.

Computer does not support HD playback

Older computers do not have the hardware to support HD playback. Ensure your computer can play the video by checking if it meets the GoPro Studio Software minimum requirements here.

Playing high bitrate video over USB

You can have choppy video playback if you play the video streamed from the camera over USB. What this means is if you have the camera connected to a computer by the USB cable and you play the video from the files on the camera, without transferring the file to your computer, it can come out choppy. This is due to the USB connection not being fast enough to play the HD video back in real time. Before playing back a HD video, copy or transfer the file from your GoPro to your computer, then playback the video.

Static sound heard in video files

Static or crackling like sounds are heard on the playback of recorded videos.

Using out-dated software

Make sure your camera is up to date. The latest update can be found here.

Electrical interference

Any type of electrical interference can cause issues in recording. For example, being around a car that is on can cause the static sound. Try to isolate the camera from other electronics as much as possible to reduce the static sound.

Short or cut-off video recordings

After recording a video, you find it did not record all of what you recorded.

Poor photo/video quality

"All of my pictures and videos are out of focus."

The lens may be damaged, or the image sensor may be defective. The only was to fix this issue is by replacing the components.

Please use our Lens Replacement guide in order to replace the lens.

If you need to replace the image sensor, please refer to our Image Sensor Replacement guide.

Recording in too high resolution

Try recording in a lower resolution, frame rate or both to reduce the risk of the camera overheating and increase camera battery life.

Using an unreliable SD Card

If your card is too slow, the camera may stop recording. Use this list to guide your SD card selection.

Camera is not charged

Make sure your camera has sufficient power to finish recording your desired length video.

SD card is corrupt or not formatted

If you have any files on the SD card, save them to your computer. They will be lost when you reformat. Use these steps to reformat your card:

  1. Tap the mode icon (camera icon on right side of touch screen)
  2. Tap Setup
  3. Use arrows to navigate to Delete at bottom of list
  4. Tap All/Format
  5. Tap Delete when screen asks Delete all files

If your touch screen does not work, use these steps instead:

  1. Press Mode button (on the front of camera) until you see the SETUP icon on front screen
  2. Press Shutter button (on top of camera) to enter SETUP
  3. Press Mode button until you reach DELETE and press Shutter to select
  4. Press Mode button until you reach ALL/FORMAT and press Shutter to select
  5. Press Mode button until you reach DELETE and press Shutter to select
  6. Front camera screen will show that the SD card is being reformatted

After this, your card will be reformatted and blank.

Forgotten camera username or password

You've forgotten your username and/or password to connect to Wi-Fi.

Username or password is incorrect

If you forget your camera's wireless name and/or password, you can reset it following these steps:

  1. Power on the camera
  2. Tap the mode icon (camera icon on right of touch screen), and then tap Setup
  3. Tap Wireless
  4. Tap the down arrow and then tap Wi-Fi Reset Settings
  5. Tap Reset. (The password is reset to the default: goprohero)

Blue light is still blinking after powering off the GoPro

Even after you turned off the GoPro, a blue light is still blinking.

WiFi is turned on

The blue light indicates that wireless is on. To turn off the wireless function, press and hold the Settings/Tag button (on side of camera) until the wireless status light blinks rapidly and then turn off the wireless.

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Have a new GoPro+LCD when I power on it beeps every few seconds and won't respond to anything won't even turn off till I remove the ad card and it will say no card then the power button will turn it off HELP PLEASE

Mike henry - 답글

I have Problem wirh my go pro LCD everytime I inserted the memory card it keep restarting I buy new memory card but its still the same I use sandisk extreme memory card 32 gb class 10 U3 Please help me how to fix it Please..

baladaddanilo - 답글

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