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The printer won't respond to you pressing the power button.

Make sure the Power Cord is plugged into a wall outlet and that wall outlet is working. The power supply should be compatible with the printer. If you need to buy a new power cord the part number is 8121-0895 for HP printers, they are $5 and here is a link for purchasing one.

If your Power Module has experienced a power surge recently you may need to do a reset. Unplug the power supply from the printer and outlet for 15 seconds then reconnect. To check if power module is working: Press the power button and release quickly, do not hold.

A paper is stuck in the feeder. The paper may be torn or wrinkled inside the printer, and the paper will not come out.

Remove all paper from the paper feed of the printer. Check to make sure there is no debris in the rollers of the feed. Lift the top door of the printer, and check inside and remove and obstructions.

This printers main feed is designed for 20 to 24 lb paper weight. Check the original packaging to make sure the right size paper is in the printer. The card stock section is designed for 110 lb paper, and the photo section is designed for 145 lb paper.

Remove excess paper from the tray, and put a new stack in. Use the same type of paper, and no more than 25 sheets. Fan the stack to make sure pages do not stick together. Make sure the paper is flat, when inserted into the tray, and push the guides tight against the stack.

Attempt to turn the printer off and back on to see if that is the cause of the display not working. If your screen is visibly broken or unresponsive you may need to replace it!

A link to a guide on how to replace the TouchSmart screen is here.

This issue could be caused from multiple things. If you have smudges or scratch marks on your scanner glass it may make the paper unreadable. You can fix this issue by cleaning the glass with an all purpose glass cleaner and a smooth cloth. Another issue you could have would be the scanner glass has been cracked and needs to be replaced. Please see a guide linked here on how to replace the glass or how to replace the scanner here.

Your wireless connection is not online or is not working up to the standard you need.

First check to see if your wireless light is on which is on the right side of the touch smart panel. If this is not a solid green light you need to reset your printer and wireless router. Power off both the printer and wireless router and unplug both of their power cords for 30 seconds. Plug the power cord to the wireless router back in and wait 30 seconds then plug the power cord to the printer back in. This is called power cycling and should restart your IP addresses and gateways to default on both the router and printer.

Your wireless card could not be working and this causes major problems with communication between the printer and your computer. Luckily a new wireless card is only $10 and can be purchased here. This is the same model used in the HP Photosmart Premium 309g printer. If you need help on replacing this wireless card here is a guide.

Issues with the printer printing half the page, blurry text or faded text

You might need to replace an ink or toner cartridge. Check the status information in the print queue for low ink or toner messages. You can also check this on the TouchSmart display by pressing the status dashboard icon on the Home screen. Once the status dashboard opens you can press the estimated ink levels icon to view the amount of ink left in each cartridge. If you need help replacing the ink cartridges or printhead, check out this guide.

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my problem is not in this list

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still not operating

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Bij het printen stopte de printer en was niet meer aan te zetten het contro;le pampje aan/uit knop gaat niet meer branden, kabel doorgemeten was goed 31,84 volt op de printplaat - vraag zit er een zekering in de printer?? of een overbelasting schakelaar.??

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