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HP Stream 11-d020nr Troubleshooting

Compact and Lightweight Laptop from HP, Released in 2014

The laptop does not respond when the power button is pressed.

Although the HP Stream is commended for its long battery life, it still needs to be charged. Plug the laptop into the charger provided and you should be able to immediately turn the computer on while it charges.

If you plug in you HP Stream and still cannot turn your laptop on, then your charger may be faulty. If possible, plug the charger into another device that uses this type of charger to test if the charger is functioning properly.

Plug your laptop into a charger you know works. If your computer still doesn't turn on, it may be your battery. This laptop has been discontinued so you will not be able to purchase parts from HP. However, replacement batteries can be found online at places such as here.

Click here to go to the battery replacement guide.

The laptop's display is dim, but is otherwise working.

This laptop is not equipped with auto adjust brightness. If you take the laptop outside or in other brightly lit locations you may need to increase the brightness level by pressing the F3 button at the top of the keyboard to increase the brightness to the desired level.

Some function keys serve multiple purposes. To check that the function key in charge of increasing screen brightness is operating properly, press the Fn button while also pressing F3. If a search screen appears on the screen, then the key is functioning properly. If not, you may need to replace your keyboard.

If you have checked to ensure the F3 key is functioning properly and are still unable to increase your brightness, your screen is probably faulty and needs to be replaced. Make sure to check your warranty to see if the manufacturer will replace it.

Click here to go to the screen replacement guide.

The keys on the keyboard don't pop back up after being pressed.

Sometimes, without realizing it, food or other small particles can get into your keyboard causing impaired keyboard functionality. Clean your keyboard by using compressed air to knock loose any particles caught under the keys. A Q-tip may also be useful to clean in between the keys.

If the key does not come back up after cleaning it, the spring that allows the key to "spring" back up may be broken or may have fallen out. If this is the case you will need to remove your keyboard and replace the spring. Replacing the entire keyboard is not necessary if it's only one key.

Click here to go to the keyboard replacement guide.

The mouse cursor does not move when the touchpad is touched.

If your hands are wet, it may impair the ClickPad's ability to function properly. Make sure your hands and the ClickPad are dry and clean when using it.

There is a function on your laptop that allows the ClickPad to be turned off. To turn the it back on, find another mouse and plug it into your laptops USB port. Open the Control Panel by opening computer settings and selecting control panel, then select Hardware and Sound>Device Manager>Mice and other pointing devices. Go to the driver tab and select " Enable" to turn the ClickPad back on.

If you do not have a mouse, press the Windows Key and then use the arrow keys to select "This PC" and hit enter. Once the window opens, press the backspace button and use your arrow keys to select "Control Panel" and press enter. Next, use the arrow keys to select "Hardware and Sound." Then, under "Devices and Printers," using arrow keys, select "Mouse." In the window that opens, make sure your ClickPad is enabled. If not, select the button that says "ClickPad Enable."

If you are still having trouble your ClickPad may be faulty and needs to be replaced.

Click here to go to the ClickPad replacement guide.

The webcam does not turn on or the image is blurry.

Anytime you open your laptop, you may accidentally smudge the webcam lens. Find a soft cloth and wipe off the lens and area around the webcam and this should clear up the image.

If you still have a blurry image or cannot get the camera to turn on at all, your webcam may be faulty and needs to be replaced.

Click here to go to the webcam replacement guide.

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