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KitchenAid Professional 600 Troubleshooting

First Available in November 2006. Model Number: KP26M1XER

While the KitchenAid is running the mixer stops, possibly with a loud grinding noise

Loose or faulty gear causes a seizure that stops operation and may need to be replaced. This could result from a faulty worm gear or bevel gear. If it's the worm gear follow our worm gear replacement guide. If it's the bevel gear follow our bevel gear replacement guide.

Lack of grease causes the gears to grind to a halt. The gear housing needs to be opened, and food-grade grease needs to be applied.

Lubricating grease falls from the gear housing into the mixing bowl, usually while mixing a batch

Note: Grease will not harm food. "The grease is food grade and is approved for incidental contact with food prepared in the mixer, although it may discolor light colored frostings or mashed potatoes."

Grease on the gears has separated due to high heat or lack of use. The housing must be taken apart and the bad grease should be cleaned out and replaced with new grease. Follow our bevel gear replacement guide to see how to access the gears. Once you have access to the gears, you can replace the grease.

When attempting to start the device it will not start

Faulty outlet plug does not provide power to motor. Follow our power cord replacement guide to see how to replace it.

Wires leading to switch are unplugged, loose, or damaged. Open the device and check for damaged wires. Follow our speed selector switch replacement guide to see how the wires are suppose to look.

The mixer will only run at certain speeds and will either not work or work poorly at a specific speed setting.

Wires leading to switch are unplugged, loose, or damaged and may need to be plugged in or replaced.

Speed-Selector is broken and in need of replacement. Follow our speed selctor replacement guide for quick and easy instructions on how to do so.

The beater will not go into the spindle or gets stuck in the spindle and is hard to get out

Follow this link which describes how to properly remove the beater.

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My model is 6000 pro. It has everything fine, grease, gears and outlet plug. Just stop and restart after several seconds. What could cause that?

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