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Nvidia Shield Tablet Troubleshooting

Released June of 2014, identified by model number 940-81761-2500-000.

Non-functional screen ¶ 

Your screen has spots on it and/or is totally non-responsive to touch.

Pixel stuck ¶ 

Often, if your screen has spots on it that you cannot wipe away, a pixel is missing or damaged. You may simply need to run a pixel repair software, which can be downloaded for Android products from the Google Play Store here.

Broken touchscreen controller ¶ 

If you cannot perform basic actions such as unlocking your screen, even after trying a reset, you may have an internal screen issue. The Touchscreen Controller is an internal component of your tablet that is very easy to replace, simply follow our Touchscreen Controller Replacement Guide.

Tablet is overheating ¶ 

Your battery is not holding a charge and the tablet feels hot to the touch.

Overheated battery ¶ 

A common issue with the Nvidia Shield Tablet is an overheated battery. Signs of this include a visibly bloated tablet from the back side, or a Tablet that is hotter than normal when touched. In this case, a new battery is likely needed. See our Battery Replacement Guide to solve this issue.

Drained battery ¶ 

If your battery goes from fully charged to dead in a noticeably short amount of time, the battery could be old and incapable of holding the charge it initially could. In this case, see our Battery Replacement Guide to install a new battery into your device.

Tablet will not charge ¶ 

While plugged in, your tablet will not recharge it's battery.

Bad charging cable ¶ 

If the battery will not hold a charge, it is possible that it is not charging at all. In this case, purchasing a new charging cable from Best Buy, Amazon, or any other distributor of Android charging cables would fix this problem.

Malfunctioning charging sort ¶ 

If the tablet will not charge with a new cord, the charging port on the tablet itself may need replacing. In this case, you will likely need to take apart your tablet to desolder your charging port, replace, and re-solder the new one. How can I fix the charging port on my Android tablet? may be helpful for this issue.

Buttons are non-responsive ¶ 

The buttons will not operate on your device when pressed.

Buttons are stuck ¶ 

Often, buttons will get stuck in the fitted hole of the casing. In this case, the buttons may simply need to be cautiously pried out. To do this, we recommend using the Spudger from iFixit by using the pointed end to pop your buttons back out, available here.

The speakers are not working or audio is distorted ¶ 

There is no sound produced from the speakers, or the sound is of poor quality.

Volume switch is turned off ¶ 

A simple fix to no sound being produced can often be found in double checking the volume settings of the tablet. In this case, be sure that the volume is simply turned on, perhaps by pressing the volume buttons or by directly accessing volume menu settings.

Speakers are blocked ¶ 

Over time, speakers can accumulate dust and other small particles that will eventually deteriorate sound quality. In this case, a careful cleaning would solve the problem. Try pressing tape against your speakers to stick any dust onto the tape, or use this app from Google Play. Another method you might try is using compressed air specifically for cleaning electronics. You can find this for purchase here on Amazon, however, you might want to read up on the pros and cons of this product here.

Speakers are not producing any sound ¶ 

Typically, this issue indicates an internal problem, requiring new speakers. See our Speaker Replacement Guide for this problem.

The camera lens is cracked ¶ 

The glass lens is visibly cracked on the front camera of your tablet.

Cracked lens ¶ 

A cracked lens can be fixed by simply replacing one or both of the two cameras in your tablet, follow our Camera Lens Replacement Guide to see how.

The tablet casing is cracked ¶ 

Cracks have appeared on the back case of the tablet.

Tablet case has visible cracks ¶ 

Your tablet is susceptible to casing cracks, particularly in the corners. A simple case replacement will solve this problem, see our Case Replacement Guide.

The tablet is non-responsive ¶ 

The tablet will not turn on or frequently crashes.

Motherboard needs replacing ¶ 

The motherboard on any device is crucial to performance, so we want to stress the importance in accurate diagnosis for a motherboard replacement. If you do not need to replace your motherboard, you should avoid removing it from your tablet. With that being said, if you do need to replace it, see our Motherboard Replacement Guide for simple steps on replacing your motherboard.

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tablet is fully charged but will not turn on

happyjeml - 답글

What would be the diagnosis for needing a new motherboard. My tablet is completely unresponsive except for charging LED indicator light when plugged in.

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