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The camera will not respond or show any sign of turning on.

To charge your camera, plug the USB is connector into to your computer or other USB enabled device. If the camera still does not turn on, check to make sure there is a battery in the camera. If there is a battery, wait at least 30 minutes for the camera battery to charge. If after 30 minutes of charge and the camera still will not power on, consider replacing the battery.

Please see Battery Replacement repair guide. If you exchange the old battery for a new one, and the camera still will not turn on, consider sending back to Olympus or contacting Olympus Customer Support. (Note: This is an external link that will take you directly to Olympus Customer Support webpage.)

The camera is connected to the computer or other USB enabled device through the USB cable given with the camera, but the camera is failing to charge.

Make sure the USB connector is connected to both the camera and the computer or USB enabled device. If device still doesn't charge, check to make sure there is a battery. If there is a battery, replace old battery with new one. See Battery Replacement guide.

The camera is not behaving as expected after going under water.

The camera can be taken up to 33 feet underwater. Taking the camera deeper than this will increase the risk of having water break the seals within the camera, causing damage to the camera.

Make sure the battery compartment is completely shut and locked before taking the camera underwater. If the camera is not completely sealed, water will leak in and cause damage to the camera. See Locking Mechanism repair guide to ensure battery compartment is locked.

After using the camera in water, you will need to dry out the camera. First, turn off camera then open up the battery compartment and take out the battery. Once the battery is outside of the camera, leave the camera open and store in a dry space to air out.

The camera is on, but the LCD screen is unresponsive.

Turn off the camera by holding the on/off switch on the top of the camera for 10 seconds. Once the LCD screen has turned black then press the on/off switch again to turn the camera back on.

If the LCD screen still isn't working properly, see LCD screen repair guide.

The flash does not turn on when enabled on the camera.

Make sure your camera is not in "Auto Flash" mode as sometimes this will not enable the flash. Verify you have selected the "Flash" setting, which looks like a lightning bolt, in order for the flash to absolutely occur.

If it is on the flash setting and still not working, reboot the camera by holding the on/off switch on the top of the camera for 10 seconds.

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