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Toshiba Satellite Click PC/Tablet Troubleshooting

The Toshiba Satellite Click came out in 2013. To determine whether your device is the Toshiba Satellite Click, there are a few features that you should look for. One is there is a sliding switch on the top of the keyboard right under the tablet portion to unlock tablet from keyboard. Also, on the bottom of the keyboard, it says Toshiba Satellite Click.

"No matter what you do, you can't get your laptop to turn on."

The reason that the laptop does not turn on is that the charger is not functioning

properly. It could be that the wires inside the charger may be broken or the jack that connects the charger to the laptop has been broken. Another cause is that maybe the connection between the charger port and the motherboard has been broken. In order to determine where the connection is broken, you need a digital multimeter to test where the wires have broken connection.

Before taking off the backing or bottom of your laptop, plug into charger and make sure it is charged. Another cause of a faulty battery may be an indicator that your battery needs to be replaced. Make sure to note the exact battery model and replace the battery. Also, make sure that the battery is properly connected to the laptop if you have replaced your previous battery.

The tablet portion of the laptop may have a bad screen so consider replacing the screen. Also, consider checking the status of the graphics cards to ensure that they are compatible with the display status settings. If that is the case then consider upgrading the graphics cards.

Overall, the laptop's logic board may have a problem receiving or transmitting power. Consider replacing the motherboard to a newer, compatible model if it is the situation. Otherwise, determine which part in the logic board is having problems that hinders its operation. Consider replacing that specific part of the logic board.

“Keys falling off keyboard, screen cracked, or buttons don’t work.”

To replace keyboard, use tools and insert under seams in keyboard, and pry upwards to lift keyboard out of place.

To replace broken screen, remove back of tablet and pop off outside black cover. Remove LCD screen and replace with new one.

To replace buttons, remove back of tablet. Take out broken sensor button and replace with new sensor and button.

If it takes a long time to turn on make sure that the BIOS is working properly. It may be that your BIOS needs to be upgraded so that its operations would be performed correctly. If it freezes and flashes, then a start-up program may be taking up too much CPU and memory space. Launch Task Manager to see which start-up programs are not running properly and eliminate these programs.

Try defragmenting the hard drive and deleting some files to free up space in your hard drive. In the worst case scenario, format your Hard Drive drive or replace it.

Try uninstalling several unused programs that might take up too much space in your hard drive.

The computer may have too many programs set to open on start up, Try taking them off the start-up list.

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It says no bootable device please restart system. I've tried going into the setup utility menu, enabled the secure boot option then when I go into the system configuration section like the videos I watched there is no menu the change the boot to csm

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