Troubleshooting Yamaha YPG-225

The screen doesn't turn on when you turn the keyboard on.

Make sure the keyboard is plugged in via the power cord.

If you want to run the keyboard without the power cord, be sure the batteries are in the battery compartment and correctly oriented. Try replacing the batteries with fresh ones.

It is possible that the screen is broken and needs to be replaced.

The problem may be with the internal electronics, and getting into the device is required.

The piano makes no sound when you play it.

The problem could be that the keyboard isn't receiving power properly, i.e. the power is not turned on, the power supply isn't connected correctly, or the batteries are dead.

Make sure that you don't have the volume turned down by mistake.

Make sure your speakers are functioning properly. If they are not, they may need to be replaced.

The problem may be with the internal electronics, and repairing of the circuitry will be required.

The parts of the keys themselves may be broken and require repair.

The pedal isn't working.

Turn the keyboard off, unplug and plug the pedal back in (make sure your foot is not touching it), and turn the keyboard on again.

You will need to repair the pedal.

The speakers are producing very low-quality sound.

The speakers are busted and will require internal work to repair them.

If you are running the keyboard off battery power and this happens, your batteries are low and need replacing.

The buttons on the keyboard don't work.

Restarting the keyboard is the easiest possible solution to this problem.

Make sure the keyboard is on and is receiving power.

The internal circuitry could be broken and require repair.

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My keyboard is plugged properly. Its still not turning on.

Any suggestions, answers..? I got it on March 13 and by the middle/end of march it stopped

Turning on. Please help..

Jasmine - 답글

This is now happening to my Yamaha YPG-635 keyboard. Did you get an answer? How did you fix the problem? Thanks, Patti

Patti Pike -

Might be a broken capacitor.

Troubleshooting Yamaha YPG-225

You can see it leaking fuid if you look very closely. It might be square or round.

Joeri Friederich -

Please do get an electronics person to check the power circuitry, or if you can do that yourself, nice

Ayodele Sunday - 답글

My Yamaha keyboard suddenly stopped working this morning... All the key functions do not work including the power button.. You can turn it on, but you cannot turn it off unless you unplug it... Please help...

machristine_andres0430 - 답글

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