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No matter what you do, you can't get your iHome to turn on. The wall outlet is properly functioning.

Check that the connector is plugged into the power supply jack on the back of the unit. The A/C power adapter may need to be replaced. A new adapter can easily be installed.

If the cord has any visible damage, then you may need a new cord to allow your iHome to receive power.

Your iPod/iPhone connects and plays correctly, but it will not charge.

Check to make sure the iHome is plugged into the wall, and that it is receiving power.

Check that the adapter is receiving power correctly.

You can't physically get your iPod onto the device because the dock adapter is broken or warped.

Installing a new iPod dock connector is very quick and easy.

Clock loses track of time or has malfunctions.

Your watch battery is likely dead, and can be easily replaced like a regular AA battery.

Make sure that the volume level isn't too high and turn off any bass effects.

The speakers can not be opened. However, new ones can easily be installed.

The motherboard can be replaced, and a new one may need to be installed. Check the connection with the circuit board. It is possible that only the motherboard connection to the speakers is bad.

"You click on a button and nothing happens; it doesn't function properly"

The silver control buttons may need to be replaced. New buttons can be installed.

The display behind the clear plastic never turns on or has strange marks.

The display is attached in such a way as to make replacement very difficult.

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