Repair guides for the HP Compaq 6910p.

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How do I stop my laptop form overheating?

My laptop keeps turning off randomly because it is overheating.

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Could be a number of issues with this, I would start by cleaning the heatsinks and fans then if that doesn't work try removing and reseating the heatsinks with new thermal paste. Failing this I would say that the temperature sensor is faulty.

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If you have any more questions about this issue, look at the troubleshooting page: HP Compaq 6910p Troubleshooting Page

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1. With the computer OFF and the battery removed, take the keyboard off (Remove the screws on the back first, then push the four keyboard tabs back (If I lost you, go to you tube and look up how to install ram)

2. Your 2007 machine will have more dirt on its fan blades than in the Sahara Desert. Clean it Out!!! I said CLEAN, not B-L-O-W!!!

3. Anything that involves Graphics you need a Cool Plate. I like My ThermaTake with digital temp readings!!!

4. Core Duos run HOT. Your 6910p ain't an IPad that you can type on a bed!!!

5. Ram & memory is cheap---so don't make your cave man machine do any needless hay lifting!!!

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Thermal liquid in the heat pipe dries up. Check the other end of the pipe is getting hot?

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Start by blowing compressed air through the vents to blow the dust out blow it both ways in and out the intake vents and output vents . Make sure you don't block the vents while using the laptop don't set it on a pillow or blanket while running . next try a laptop cooler and if none of this helps it may be time to reapply thermal paste between the cpu and the heat sink . while you have it torn apart to do this a through cleaning would be good. Check for popped capacitors and make sure the fan is running at the right speed. Hope this helps

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