The Toshiba Satellite Click 2 Pro is a 13 inch simple and easy to use hybrid laptop, created by Toshiba in 2014

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Why can’t I push down certain keys on my laptop?

I don’t know why, but certain keys don't push down whenever I type. What can the problem be?

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You most likely have something stuck in your keys. This is an easy fix, I recommend using an air compressed can to blow the substance out of your keys. With the air compressed tube it would allow you to get to the tight spots under the keys with ease. If you feel like that isn't the solution, then follow the Toshiba Satelite Click 2 Pro Troubleshooting page for more solutions regarding your keyboard issues.

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It could also be the ribbon cable that attaches the keyboard to the dock itself. I have sent one off for repair and it came back with tape over the ribbon cable. this worked for a bit but is by no means a permanent fix.

Update (07/07/2017)

Actually just repaired my keyboard. the solder joints are loose on the flat ribbon cable connector that connects the keyboard to the dock. re-soldered the connectors across that pin and its working like a champ now. hope that helps.

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