This is a laptop manufactured by Toshiba with a 15.6 inch screen.

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Preparing automatic repair loop

HELP!!!! a couple of days ago while going through my Toshiba laptop that my 17 year old has been for the most part been the only one using a popup said that windows installed new updates and needed to restart so I restarted it. Well needless to say that once it restarted I got the message "Scanning and repairing drive C:' then another black screen says "Preparing automatic repair" finally blue screen that staes "windows Defender is offline" and finally runs windows defender quick scan all the way to 100% only to reboot and start the process again. This has been going on for a total of 3 full days!!! I've tried system restore only to find out it can not be completed because of unknown error. Please help there are alot of pictures that my daughter has saved (without backing up) for her high school graduation in a couple of months.

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Hi @dlald ,

What OS is installed?

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windows 10 I believe

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You can create a Win 10 recovery USB drive from any working PC or laptop that has Win 10 installed.

Go to Control Panel > Recovery and find the links to create a recovery USB.

They say it will fit on a 4GB USB flashdrive but get a 8GB one to be sure. It takes about 40-60 minutes to create.

Once you have the recovery USB, change the boot order option in the laptop to select the USB as the 1st boot choice.

Insert the USB recovery flashdrive and restart the laptop. It should boot from the USB drive into the Windows Recovery Environment menus.

Select Troubleshooting and then Advanced. DO NOT select "Reset this PC" as this will erase your data and reinstall Windows. Then select Startup Repair and follow the prompts.

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