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Background and Identification

The Apple Pencil is a stylus meant for use with the iPad Pro to enable precision markup and drawing. It has a 240 Hz refresh rate and highly precise pressure sensitivity. Identifying the Apple Pencil is simple—it is a simple white cylinder with no buttons. At 17.5 cm, it is longer than most styluses, and it's metal bezel is marked "Pencil." Additionally, the Lightning connector is labeled with the model number: A1603.

Technical Specifications

Input Sensitivity

  • iPad Pro scans Pencil input at 240 Hz


  • Built-in lithium-ion battery rated for 0.392 Wh and 86 mAh at 3.82 V
  • Delivers up to 12 hours of use on one charge
  • 15 seconds of charge yields 30 minutes of battery life


  • Lightning connector for charging and pairing with iPad Pro
  • Bluetooth 4.1


  • Size: 8.9 mm (D) x 175 mm (L)
  • Mass: 20g

Additional Information

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