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Background and Identification

The FoodSaver V4980 has a stainless steel finish with the dimensions of 8 x 16.26 x 7.4 inches. It's purpose is to allow the user to seal food in an vacuum bag. It can be used to keep food fresh for longer.

This iteration of the FoodSaver has a few new features from its predecessors. It has a retractable handheld sealer on its left side, and comes with a FoodSaver® Roll & Bag Starter Kit, 1 Lunch & Leftover Container and 1 Wine Stopper.

New to this device is the Pulse-Vac button that allows the user to control the amount of time the appliance vacuums the bag. This is useful for delicate foods such as chips and cereal. Also specific to this device are the full-chrome buttons to control the actions of the FoodSaver.


Here is a link to our troubleshooting page.

Additional Information

Amazon Product Page

FoodSaver Website

FoodSaver V4980 : Costco Reviews

FoodSaver V4800 Manual

This manual is for an older machine, because the V4980 is so new. However, their functionalities are the exact same, just the buttons look a little different

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