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If you are having problems with your HP ENVY Rove, you can access the troubleshooting page here.

Background and Identification

Meant to be a home computer the ROVE is a hybrid tablet-laptop built for durability. However, because this touchscreen is 20"across diagonally and all the hardware is fixed to that screen the device weighs about 14lbs, moving it is not quite as easy as using a tablet that one can carry with one hand.

This device can be distinguished from other all in one computers, mainly, by its completely retractable stand. It also has the word Rove on the top right corner if the device is oriented with the HP symbol on the bottom.

Replacing the components are very much like replacing the components in a laptop except everything is mounted on the screen.

The default of this computer's hardware comes with 4 GB DDR3 RAM, 1 TB Hard drive, a 1.7 GHz Intel Core i3 processor, and a roughly 3 hour battery life. The default operating system is Windows 8.

The HP ENVY Rove 20 is distinct from other desktops from the fact that it's a mobile desktop that you can take anywhere you want.

Additional Information

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