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Background Information

The TG-1 was released in April of 2012 and was designed to be "lifeproof", capable of withstanding damaging weather and impacts. It is shatter-resistant, water-resistant, crush-resistant, and freeze-resistant to certain degrees. Average wear and tear will due little to damage it, but extreme stress can still result in necessary repair. It is easily identifiable with its thick outer casing and its manufacturer's name plated on the front.

The camera's features include a high resolution, 12 MP lens with 4X zoom and a 3" inch display. A rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides ample camera life and can be charged while still in the camera. Extended and specialty lenses are capable of being attached to the front of the camera.

The TG-1 has very little hardware issues, instead suffering from the occasional software glitches. However, cracking or other damage can be fixed by the user or sent to be repaired by the Olympus Service & Repair Request.


Common problems experienced by users of this camera are laid out in the Troubleshooting Page

Additional Information

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