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HP 4320t Manufactrer Guide

HP ProBook 4320t Repair Guide

Power Button Panel Replacement Guide

Keyboard Replacement Guide

Touchpad Panel Replacement Guide

Touchpad Replacement Guide

Clock Battery Replacement Guide

Speaker Replacement Guide

RAM Replacement Guide

Computer Fan Replacement Guide

Processor Heat Sink Replacement Guide

Wi-Fi Card Replacement Guide

Computer loads everything very slowly. ¶ 

All actions take longer than normal. Clicks do not register for a few seconds, programs do not respond, and opening a file or program is not instant.

May not have enough RAM. ¶ 

RAM is required to run programs. The more RAM you have the faster programs will run. Be sure you are meeting the programs' minimum requirements.

Make sure the computer is virus free and the hard drive is defragmented to be sure it is not an excess of temporary files. Otherwise, you may want to upgrade the RAM card(s).

RAM Replacement Guide

Can't connect to Wi-Fi. ¶ 

After turning on the computer, the computer is unable to find the Wi-Fi signal or unable to connect to the Wi-Fi.

The Wi-Fi card may be damaged. ¶ 

Wi-Fi card allows the computer to connect to surrounding routers via Wi-Fi. Make sure you receive signal from a router before replacing the Wi-Fi card. Replace Wi-Fi Card.

Wi-Fi Card Replacement Guide

Router not working ¶ 

Obviously, If the router you are trying to connect to is not working, you will not receive any Wi-Fi signal. Check to make sure the router is working.

Uninstalled Wi-Fi card Software ¶ 

The software for the Wi-Fi card allows the computer to use the Wi-Fi card properly.

Keys do not register on keyboard. ¶ 

You press a key, but the laptop does not receive the signal from the keyboard; hence, the key does not print onto the screen .

Crumbs may be stuck under the Key. ¶ 

Regularly clean your keyboard using electronic cleaning wipes or canned air. To resolve the problem using one of these two products, you may follow the instructions on the wipes container or on the canned air container.

Key contact may be damaged. ¶ 

Replace your keyboard. See replacing your keyboard in our repair manual.

Keyboard Replacement Guide

Touch Pad not registering movement ¶ 

Touchpad works, but it only works sometimes.

Touchpad damaged. ¶ 

The computer may need to be turned off and then back on. If this does not resolve the problem, the touchpad ribbon cable may be disconnected, or the touchpad may have stopped functioning altogether. Replace the touch pad with a functional one using these steps.

Touch Pad Replacement Guide

Clock resets when computer restarts. ¶ 

The clock battery may be out of power, or the spring holding the clock battery in may be out of place causing the battery to fall out. To replace the battery, read the Clock Battery Replacement Guide.

Clock Battery Replacement Guide

Speakers not playing any sound or Crackling ¶ 

When you try to play music, the computer does not play any sound.

Volume ¶ 

Check to make sure the volume is on, and it is not set to low.

Speakers making crackling noise. ¶ 

This is due to the computer's speakers being used with too high of a volume which damages the speakers' cones. To replace the speakers, follow the steps in this guide.

Speaker Replacement Guide

Computer Overheating ¶ 

Computer shuts down unexpectedly and/or is hotter than usual.

Let your computer Breathe ¶ 

The computer Fan needs air to provide airflow. Ensure you're not blocking the ventilation opening on the left side.

Avoid External Heat Sources ¶ 

Computers are designed to work at room temperature (73°F). Prevent excess heat from reaching the computer by using it away from other heat sources.

Replace the processor heat sink. ¶ 

The Heat sink allows for faster cooling of the processor. Replacement will increase cooling efficiency, decreasing cooling time. It will also allow for faster processing. To replace the Heat Sink, read the Processor Heat Sink Replacement Guide.

Processor Heat Sink Replacement Guide

Replace the computer fan. ¶ 

Just like a car, a computer has a cooling fan. If the fan is not working properly, your computer may overheat. To replace the fan, see the Computer Fan Replacement Guide.

Computer Fan Replacement Guide

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