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Hairdryer Troubleshooting

Before taking any other action, try holding down the off button. The button may be loose or you may need to press it with more force.

Make sure that the plug is connected to an outlet in your wall. In addition, examine your wiring for any fraying that may be preventing electricity from reaching the motor.

If there is no clear solution, the problem likely lies in your power supply. Refer to this guide

Examine the nozzle for any clear or easily removable blockages. There may be blockages which you cannot see, in which case, refer to this guide. There may also be a buildup of hair or other particles in the grating behind the nozzle, in which case this guide will teach you how to replace it.

Verify that your hairdryer is set to a “High” setting and is not set to “Low.” In addition, you may want to engage the “Turbo” button to increase the rate of air flow.

If no clear solutions present themselves, there is likely a problem with the fan/ motor assembly, which requires disassembly to replace. Refer to this guide.

Clean the area around your setting buttons with compressed air. After years of use, resin and oils can build up and hinder the buttons’ functionality.

If you cannot quickly restore functionality to the buttons, the problem almost certainly lies with the button switchboard, which controls the way the hairdryer modulates between settings. Refer to to this guide to learn how to replace it!

First, verify that your hairdryer is set to a heat dispensing setting such as “Hot” or “Warm.” Make sure that your hairdryer is not set to “Cool” or “Cold.”

If your settings are correct and all other components are ostensibly functional, the most likely problem lies in the heating element. Due to the nature of the hairdryer, this element usually requires replacement, which this guide explains in detail.

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What is typically the problem when the handle overheats and is too hot to handle?

Kathy - 답글

I bought my hairdryer in April when I push the ‘on’ button sometimes it won’t switch on and I have to switch it on and off a couple of times of shake it.

Is there a known problem with the on/off switch?

karen hindhaugh - 답글

Sometimes when i turn my dryer on the settings lights come on but the air doesn't actually come out. Sometimes it will start blowing air after a few seconds and sometimes I will have to turn it off and on a couple of times before it starts to work

Samantha Paquette - 답글

I can’t seem to turn it off with the button…

Zarni Lwin - 답글

Chi rocket emf lights up but no motor

kwaithe - 답글

Did you find an answer to this? I'm having the same problem.

Amanda Feeley -

Chi rocket emf lights but no motor

kwaithe - 답글

My dryer just shuts off has three red lights flashing…. what is causing this, I can’t even use it!

brandi klein - 답글

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