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JBL Charge Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting guide for the JBL Charge wireless speaker.

The device is connected to the charger and a power source, but will not charge.

The speaker produces fuzzy or broken audio.

Aux connections to other devices yield no audio.

  • The white casing portion of the device will have to be replaced. Follow the Aux Replacement Guide to complete this task.
  • Attempt to clean out the aux connection with a small q-tip. If that fails, then the device will have to be opened and cleaned or replaced. Follow the Aux Replacement Guide for a detailed walkthrough.

The motherboard has a short circuit or other damage.

When a button is pushed it gets stuck or the device does not properly respond to it.

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When I turn my jbl charge on, the power button starts blinking red,blue, red, blue and never connects. I need help

Chris sanchez - 답글

Im having the same problem.. Have you managed to find a fix?

Fadhillah Ibrahim -

I am having the same problem! This is ridiculous. It's been just a month I have this headphones and barely used it. Not cheap either!

Manuela Simeonova -

red blue/ red blue light means , it's ready to connect and is now visible as a bluetooth device

Cherokee Summer -

There is a RESET available that fixed my flashing blue/red , no connect issue.

Hold down POWER and VOL DOWN until reset. There will be a light sequence, RED RED RED BLUE BLUE BLUE … RED RED BLUE BLUE .. RED BLUE … OFF.

Turn it back on and its reset. Thats if your buttons work.

Al Al -

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