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JBL Charge Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting guide for the JBL Charge wireless speaker.

The battery won’t charge

The device is connected to the charger and a power source, but will not charge.

The battery has degraded over time.

The micro USB input is broken.

The speaker is blown out/has low sound quality.

The speaker produces fuzzy or broken audio.

The volume was too loud and vibrations created a crack in the speaker.

The device or speaker overheated, destroying the speaker.

Aux connection won’t play any sound at all.

Aux connections to other devices yield no audio.

The connector short-circuited due to water damage.

  • The white casing portion of the device will have to be replaced. Follow the Aux Replacement Guide to complete this task.

The connector was physically damaged or has debris in it.

  • Attempt to clean out the aux connection with a small q-tip. If that fails, then the device will have to be opened and cleaned or replaced. Follow the Aux Replacement Guide for a detailed walkthrough.

The device won’t connect to other devices via Bluetooth or won’t function properly overall.

The motherboard has a short circuit or other damage.

The motherboard has water damage.

The device was dropped and has internal physical damage.

The buttons are not operating properly.

When a button is pushed it gets stuck or the device does not properly respond to it.

Debris is lodged in the button membrane

Button membrane is damaged.

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When I turn my jbl charge on, the power button starts blinking red,blue, red, blue and never connects. I need help

Chris sanchez - 답글

Im having the same problem.. Have you managed to find a fix?

Fadhillah Ibrahim -

I am having the same problem! This is ridiculous. It's been just a month I have this headphones and barely used it. Not cheap either!

Manuela Simeonova -

red blue/ red blue light means , it's ready to connect and is now visible as a bluetooth device

Cherokee Summer -

There is a RESET available that fixed my flashing blue/red , no connect issue.

Hold down POWER and VOL DOWN until reset. There will be a light sequence, RED RED RED BLUE BLUE BLUE … RED RED BLUE BLUE .. RED BLUE … OFF.

Turn it back on and its reset. Thats if your buttons work.

Al Al -

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