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JBL Charge Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting guide for the JBL Charge wireless speaker.

The battery won’t charge ¶ 

The device is connected to the charger and a power source, but will not charge.

The battery has degraded over time. ¶ 

The micro USB input is broken. ¶ 

The speaker is blown out/has low sound quality. ¶ 

The speaker produces fuzzy or broken audio.

The volume was too loud and vibrations created a crack in the speaker. ¶ 

The device or speaker overheated, destroying the speaker. ¶ 

Aux connection won’t play any sound at all. ¶ 

Aux connections to other devices yield no audio.

The connector short-circuited due to water damage. ¶ 

  • The white casing portion of the device will have to be replaced. Follow the Aux Replacement Guide to complete this task.

The connector was physically damaged or has debris in it. ¶ 

  • Attempt to clean out the aux connection with a small q-tip. If that fails, then the device will have to be opened and cleaned or replaced. Follow the Aux Replacement Guide for a detailed walkthrough.

The device won’t connect to other devices via Bluetooth or won’t function properly overall. ¶ 

The motherboard has a short circuit or other damage.

The motherboard has water damage. ¶ 

The device was dropped and has internal physical damage. ¶ 

The buttons are not operating properly. ¶ 

When a button is pushed it gets stuck or the device does not properly respond to it.

Debris is lodged in the button membrane ¶ 

Button membrane is damaged. ¶ 

댓글 284개

When I turn my jbl charge on, the power button starts blinking red,blue, red, blue and never connects. I need help

Chris sanchez - 답글

Im having the same problem.. Have you managed to find a fix?

Fadhillah Ibrahim -

I am having the same problem! This is ridiculous. It's been just a month I have this headphones and barely used it. Not cheap either!

Manuela Simeonova -

red blue/ red blue light means , it's ready to connect and is now visible as a bluetooth device

Cherokee Summer -

There is a RESET available that fixed my flashing blue/red , no connect issue.

Hold down POWER and VOL DOWN until reset. There will be a light sequence, RED RED RED BLUE BLUE BLUE … RED RED BLUE BLUE .. RED BLUE … OFF.

Turn it back on and its reset. Thats if your buttons work.

Al Al -

When I turn on Charge the red light starts to blink but the it does not make the sonar soundl as before and does not connect to any device.

Sylvia Taylor - 답글

same problem no sonar sound and blinking red, nothing happent, did u find problem?

aleksanderzavorotnij -

Had the same problem, called JBL and was able to solve the issue; this is how:

Press and hold the power bottom until it beeps, release it then (in my case, using an iPhone) went to the bluetooth settings, found the JBL Charge (not connected) press the blue(!) selected "Forget This Device" and confirmed. Back to the devices list... OTHER DEVICES, selected the JBL again and connected.

It's been working since; hope this will help if you still have the problem.

Franc Munoz -

Thanks Franc, this fixed the same issue I had that everyone else was having! Go to your Bluetooth settings and forget the device. From being powered off, hold the power button on the speaker until you hear the beeps starting. You HAVE to wait until you hear the first sonar type noise, and then release. You should see it show up on your phone once again and be able to connect successfully! Awesome tip!

jamieheisler84 -

My JBL speaker wont turn on. I've charged it but get no response when I try to turn it on. What can I do? It is only about two weeks old and I've not used it much.

johnbaker1040 - 답글

Heey! Same thing happens with me today. It stopped working for no reason, only 1 month old. I'll contact JBL today.

lanlansk8 -

Same can you please help me

Chandler Williams -

did you get it fixed? Mine too just won't turn on. What did you do?

victoriabattad -

I got mine to turn on after the same thing happened and know none of my buttons work and it just lights up nothing else works

vlasyukrosty -

I'm thinking you all have a similar problem as me. Had it only for a few weeks to a month, now it won't turn on, even if you have it on a charger port. Press and hold the power button for about 30 seconds. It used to show the battery only being at one bubble and wouldn't charge, but it actually did charge and was just bugged a bit. So I held the power button down and suddenly it turned on full charge.

tl;dr Hold the power button down for a long ass time.

Alexander Marcoh -

I've had mine for just about a month as well and had used it only a few times before encountering the same issue. After process of elimination I determined that the unit was not charging due to a bad wall charger. The cord was fine, just the charger was bad. I now have it plugged in through a iPhone wall charger and wham-o!!!! It's alive!!

Chris -

Hey man, I had this problem too. You have to plug it in a good wall plug-in (Thing?) and while its charging for a few minutes you have to hold the power button 30+ seconds (I know its long) and then I un plugged the headphone (Everest 300) and hold the power button and it magically worked! Hope this works for you too! Have a good day.

Tobias van Duffelen -

Hey man, I had this problem too. You have to plug it in a good wall plug-in (Thing?) and while its charging for a few minutes you have to hold the power button 30+ seconds (I know its long) and then I un plugged the headphone (Everest 300) and hold the power button and it magically worked! Hope this works for you too! Have a good day.

Hey man, I had this problem too. You have to plug it in a good wall plug-in (Thing?) and while its charging for a few minutes you have to hold the power button 30+ seconds (I know its long) and then I un plugged the headphone (Everest 300) and hold the power button and it magically worked! Hope this works for you too! Have a good day.

Tobias van Duffelen -

I had this problem after trouble connecting to bluetooth dongle on PC. No lights, nothing. 30 second, shoot 120 second power button hold did nothing. Bluetooth on my phone saw the device, but could not communicate. I fixed it today by opening the right side, peeling out the battery, snipping the leads, 30-second reset with no battery (drain capacitors), and soldered the battery leads back together. Charged. Turned on. Works again. Unbelievable: to design a computer product with no reset button!!

Matthew Lawson -

thanks to Tobias van Duffelen, his method worked with halted JBL Everest 100

Evgeny K -

it seems we all have this problem.

Manny O - 답글

I have the same problem, according to my phone, it's paired with the jbl but the pairing sound isn't there anymore, as if it isn't actually paired...?? Also same problems with charging and staying on... Only had it for 2 or 3 months. No water, heat or other damage just charged it one day and it wouldn't connect or turn off. It stayed on until the battery died. Ever since then, it won't stay charged or play music. Tried to contact the manufacturer via email and other than the immediate response email saying someone would be in contact with us, we have heard nothing. Very frustrated! Has anyone figured out how to solve these issues? We have the JBL charge 2 water resistant speaker...

Rae - 답글

Did you over charge it? It's battery drains fast

vlasyukrosty -

Hey man, I had this problem too. You have to plug it in a good wall plug-in (Thing?) and while its charging for a few minutes you have to hold the power button 30+ seconds (I know its long) and then I un plugged the headphone (Everest 300) and hold the power button and it magically worked! Hope this works for you too! Have a good day.

Tobias van Duffelen -

I've got exactly the same problem!

Manuela Simeonova -

I have the same problem too. It's charging, even with it's original adapter and cable but it just have one blink light although it's been charging for a few hours. It still workin: i can turn it on only if it's plugged and it can connect to bluetooth but It doesnt play sounds at all. I don't usually use it. I bought mine in may 2016. I used it like 10x? My speakers are not working and I could not turn it on when it's unplugged. I need help

demetriadarian -

Hi my jbl link 10 is on after charging neither I can switch it off neither any switch on top working called jbl Customercare they told me to hold the mute button for some time but still the same no switches are functioning and speaker is on neither can connect to Bluetooth nor can I switch it off

Gopal Raghvani -

I‘ve had the same problem. This is my fourth speaker I’ve taken back!!!! I now live in Africa and my friend takes it to the USA store for me for an exchange. What this means is I have to mail it and it takes about a month back and forth. This 4th exchange of the JBL speaker, I played it 4 hours and it stopped. I’ve charged it for days and nothing. I simply cannot play music in my life. I’m going to see if there are some $10.00 speakers from K-mart that might work better! I”m sooooooo frustrated. But the Beatbox isn’t much better. That broke too!

Soorya Townley -

When I turn on my jbl charge 2+ the led light on the switch is ON but there is no response, there is no damage on the physical appearance, please help I can't afford to buy another speaker.

algenejesus19 - 답글

you can fix it? i have the same problem

etniagrafika -

the same. That is posible to fix it ?

Aurel Sobieraj -

My speaker is charged and working but the volume is quite low. I have it fully cranked on any device but it just doesn't seem to have any guts.

Anyone know how to get more volume from this thing?

Peter Windrem - 답글

I have the same issue, have you found a solution?

Maggie Zoerner -

See my response to christian muldose's question; forum won't let me duplicate answer

Mike -

I have low volume, its new. The volume buttons do nothing.

Robert Lopez -

It could be a loose battery - remove the turn cover at the bottom of the speaker then the battery lid.

Fold a bit of paper in half 3-4 times and place in-between the battery lid and battery. This worked for me.

Good luck.

londonmailbox - 답글

Only one of the speakers works ( the left one) the right one has all the button functions working but won't play music. Can I fix it? Do I get a new one, I have the warranty.

Sarah Rose Rinaldo - 답글

I have the exact same problem.

Michael Duff -

I'm won't do anything at all even if I plug it in

valex076 - 답글

Hey man, I had this problem too. You have to plug it in a good wall plug-in (Thing?) and while its charging for a few minutes you have to hold the power button 30+ seconds (I know its long) and then I un plugged the headphone (Everest 300) and hold the power button and it magically worked! Hope this works for you too! Have a good day.

Tobias van Duffelen -

Tobias van Duffelen recommendation worked! Plug in headphones to the device and then remove and the speaker magically worked. Yay!!!

sklaus -

Connected the speaker to charge and when I woke up it was dead, tried to reconnect and now it doesn't want to work at all, it'll turn on and and connect but won't play anything. It won't turn in by itself or do anything if it is not connected. Do any of you know what this could possibly mean?

Amparo - 답글

Hey man, I had this problem too. You have to plug it in a good wall plug-in (Thing?) and while its charging for a few minutes you have to hold the power button 30+ seconds (I know its long) and then I un plugged the headphone (Everest 300) and hold the power button and it magically worked! Hope this works for you too! Have a good day!

Tobias van Duffelen -

Same thing. I use the battery until it went completly out. Charged it but the ON led botton stayed on and no response what so ever. Help!! Bougth it in my holyday trip to el pasa tx

rodrigorascon - 답글

Same happened with my jbl charge 2 plus

ishi0591995 -

Hey man, I had this problem too. You have to plug it in a good wall plug-in (Thing?) and while its charging for a few minutes you have to hold the power button 30+ seconds (I know its long) and then I un plugged the headphone (Everest 300) and hold the power button and it magically worked! Hope this works for you too! Have a good day!

Tobias van Duffelen -

hey good day did u get a fixi used my jbl xtremem until it was dead now it comes on n all i get is blinking power and batterty led email me plz

madsco27 -

Does anybody know of a site or link I can get a new battery for this jbl charge?

Corey Tucker - 답글

I just bought jbl x Nokia bluetooth speaker but it can only play when the volume is very low, anytime the volume is increased the speaker will not speak out.

christian muldose - 답글

Download JBL Music App -> Connect to JBL pulse via bluetooth on phone -> wait for JBL Pulse to appear (App will probably download update for pulse) -> now on your main screen of the App click in the bottom right corner, on the 'levels (bars)' icon -> viola, "phone volume", this volume (which was set low) did not match my phone's actual Bluetooth volume setting. Cranked it up and problem was solved.

Mike -

My problem is, I plug in the cable to charge it and no response, I have to leave there for about 2 days, only then it will start to charge, Any ideias? I've tried different cables and chargers, once charged, it last a long time whatsoever. Not sure what the problem is, does anyone know where to buy a new battery for it?

thx in advance!!

rafazpace - 답글

I have a similar problem. When i charge the little blue led light comes on and flashes but it will never change over 2 days charging. The battery seems to charge but no indication if it is filling up with power.

Richo -

Recently my JBL Charge turns on by itself. This sometimes happens every 15 min. Any why and how to fix it?

rudboystein - 답글

i had the same problem, did you manage to fix it ?

orazioaiello -

Is the problem fixed?

lala0578 -

I've had the same did you fix it

isunderji -

Your jbl is possesed and haunted by a ghost bro.u need a pastor to exorcise it.jokes.hope u managed to get it fixed,sori i cant be of any assistance n just buggin ya.

Philip Le -

Same, i might have found a solution. You can turn bluetooth on an off. If you stopped listening just turn of your bluetooth of your phone and then turn your jbl off

Rule Plays -

I've just recently had troubles trying to connect to Bluetooth on my jbl & ive tried absolutely everything online... i have a feeling it has something to do with the fact that my button lights are white? instead of blue ? NEED HELP!

Rach L - 답글

Did u figure it out

jjay3884 -

I have this problem, someone please help

ikbob_35 -

Mine turn white too and but in the first minute of connection it plays, stops, plays, stops, plays, stops. After that minute it plays the music pretty well. I don' t know if it' supposed to do that. Am I supposed to wait for a good connection and then start playing? I ordered mine through Amazon.

Rolando Perez -

I used the battery until it went completly out. Charged it but the ON led botton stayed on and no response what so ever. Please help

ishi0591995 - 답글

Hey man, I had this problem too. You have to plug it in a good wall plug-in (Thing?) and while its charging for a few minutes you have to hold the power button 30+ seconds (I know its long) and then I un plugged the headphone (Everest 300) and hold the power button and it magically worked! Hope this works for you too! Have a good day.

Tobias van Duffelen -

Please help..My JbL is blinking color violet after that I used it and I played a song..then it closed by itself..what shld I do? Please help..any comment!

pinkperky789 - 답글

Okay can someone please help me, my jbl will charge but I can turn it on while charging and after its charger the buttons are grey and there's only one button on, I can't even turn it off I have to wait in till it dies it's colors work but I can't change them, and I can't connect it any longer please help

vlasyukrosty - 답글

When we set the alarm on two of our JBL's, all is fine but when the alarm goes off in the morning, it is on maximum volume. I reset it to about 2 or 3 on the volume and yet still it will go to max volume in the morning. Please help!!???

Lauren Ramsay - 답글

Alarms always do max volume. It's just how alarm programs are made in phones now.

Alexander Marcoh -

My iPhone 6 is not charged when connecting to my Charge 2+, help!

tommyduong95 - 답글

I have a jbl charge 2+. It looks like it working fine but no audio at all. Connects to blue tooth but no audio. No blinking red lights and charges fine. Not sure how to fix as there is no sound even when connected via cable. Never heard the speakers being overdriven.

pshives19 - 답글

I have the same problem did you ever get it to work?

redboat924 -

my charge2 throws a disturbing sound (irritating vibrations) during high bass music. other thing works perfectly fine. I thing its due to the air leakage (it fell on hard floor). cant find anywhere to fix it

Umanga Bhandari - 답글

My JBL pulse 2 only has lights on the right corner like it works with sound and everything but there arent any LED lights at the front plzzzzzzzzzzz help

alessandraroucos - 답글

Mines stays on for like 3 minutes and just shuts off plz help

Albert crinstern - 답글

I completely drained the battery of my jbl xtreme and when i charged it, the blinking never stops even if I charge it for 24 hours. It doesn't show that the battery is already full. It just keeps on blinking. Do you know how to solve this problem??

teddyscotch - 답글

I have the same problem. Won't stop blinking after more than 12 hours of charge and only shows 3 dots full.....

pouellet2001 -

Haha! Me to same problem.. And now my jbl xtreme always on and off.. I dont know why..

raymark Cabrera -

We have same problem. Did you already fixed it?

Ronan Tabamo -


I had the same problem with my JBL Pulse 3. I even had it replaced for a new one, with the same 5th led blinking.

Solved it by upgrading the firmware through my cell phone.

Luiz Fellipe Salomon -

i left it plugged in for over 5 hours (in off mode) and that fifth led would not stop blinking.

teddyscotch - 답글

Same for me, last blue lihht wont stop blinking. It's sulposed to be that way?

Damiano -

Why does my jbl charge 3 not work when I push power leds just blink once and nothing happens nothing works but when I push vol down and the jbl connect button it says three eight then blinks a few times then does nada

joe408 - 답글

Jbl charge when turned on blue light doesnt want to pick up on bluetooth. How do i fix. No sonar sound went turned on nor when i hold and press for red light to scan. Please help

jesus adames - 답글

I have ordered speaker from The device is connected to the charger and a power source, but is not chargeing. I left it plugged in for over 8 hours (in off mode) and that fifth led would not stop blinking. At the end So, I cant use it without cable on distance. Pls advise what to do

Lizi Khabazashvili - 답글

Is it normal that the cover for the ports isn't fully shut? There's always 3-4mm standing out and it doesn't matter how hard I press, it just won't stay fully shut

HellFreeZ3r - 답글

Help! I love this speaker but when its connected via Bluetooth to my phone and I'm streaming "I Heart Radio"the sound stops after every song stops. It does NOT do this when I connect via the aux. Sometimes if you skip a song or change the station it will stay playing but if you just leave a station on the sound stops after every song. The speaker does NOT shut off, my phone indicates that it's still connected, I'm not moving my speaker/phone & it stays about 3 feet away, and the radio will still be streaming on my phone but just sound quits at the end of every song. This has never happened with any other Bluetooth speaker I've ever connected to. It's driving me nuts. I'm using a Samsung Galaxy.

jessgoska - 답글

I'm in the same boat. I've had the speaker only a couple of hours and encountered this almost immediately.

ufkinhillbilly13 -

I'm on the phone with them. They have no indication. They've been informed.

ufkinhillbilly13 -

Guys, when I put my speaker on charging (in off mode) the red light starts (no blinking, just staying red all the time) for about 10-20 min and then it turns off and i can't find out when my speaker is fully charged. Some help please?

Mihail Mihov - 답글

Hello if got a JBL Xtreme but there is a problem. If I am listenening to music the speaker randomly falls off while there is enough power inside it and after that it wont turn on anymore untill I charge the speaker. I dont know what it is and it is getting very annoying please help me!!!! (my english is not very well beacause im from the Netherlands)

Dylan - 답글

Left my unit out in the rain and got the flashing power button issue. Took off the various panels used a blow dryer, no luck, and was ready to do some serious damage . Lucky saw Frankie's post so just removed the device from iPhone Bluetooth list, then added it back in. In business again!

Jimmy, August 2016.

jimcrawfordgovan - 답글

In order for my speaker to charge it has to be on, won't charge just plugging it in, plays music while charging, that normal?

mlbunch - 답글

Hi! Just want to ask if this was resolved already? Same problem here. Upon charging my pulse 2 in off mode, the light indicator doesn't blink.. it needs to be turned on to see that its charging..

perezrichardjohn -

When I connect my macbook pro to my jbl xtreme it sounds fuzzy and super low quality. But when I connect my iPhone it sounds normal. so weird. My macbook won't let me open up its preferences for the jbl bluetooth anymore. Hopefully resetting it will work.

Diana Villareal - 답글

me too! it sounds fine if I disconnect and reconnect in my BT Preferences though.

can anyone help with this?

Allison Sullivan -

I have the same problem. Did you succeed to solve this? - Thanks

delcros jg -

Same issue. Did you succeed in solving it? Let me know, please. Thank you.

Johnattan Santacruz -

My JBL Xtreme is connected via Bluetooth to my iPhone and sounding fine, but suddenly the sound stops. Battery is fine, connection is fine, only device connected, but it stops. Why would this happen? Thank you to anyone who can provide an answer.

Johnattan Santacruz -

same thing… how to solve it?

Margarita Medvedeva -

Found the solution.

Go to System Preferences >> Sound >> Input >> Internal Microphone >> and unmark “use ambient noise reduction”. Worked for me! :)

Margarita Medvedeva -

Everytime I plug in my JBL clip+ only has the red light on when charging, and if I check back on it in like 20-30 mins there's no light on at all and the guide says I should see a blue light when it's done charging but I've never seen that. Also, everytime I unplug it and plug it back in the charging light is red again and doesn't ever turn blue. Any ideas?

Dad mcdad - 답글

My jbl speakers just stays on. When I press the button to turn it off, it does not work. I also cannot connect to it anymore via bluetooth and it has been 2 months since I've bought it. What do I do?

judieboll - 답글

i have the same problum ‘ did you soulve it?

aron gal - jbl charge 2's power button is on but suddenly the speaker off and when i plug in the charger it won't charge. Is there any way to restart the jbl? Thanks..

Debby Ho - 답글

Hey, did you get solution for that? The same happened to my JBL Charge 2+

tanel -

Hi, any solution?

dkmb19 -

My Charge 2's sounds are not playing anymore, it havent seen any drops or damages since the day it was bought. Any help would be appreciated thanks.

Joshua Medel - 답글

I just finished using my speaker..when i disconnected my phone and press the power off, it doesnt respond at all..the power button stays on..and no response at all..can someone help me please...tia

Aaron agustin - 답글

I just bought a new jbl3 and it plays my music through my iphone but will not play my alarm sounds through speaker. Any idea on how to fix

Klavin7434 - 답글

When powering on or powering off the device, it "belches forth" a loud note that is really annoying. Has anyone else figured out how to turn this off? Also, is there a way to disconnect the BlueTooth for the phone only?

TJ Swartz - 답글

On my ear buds the led light isn't red or blue. Its one solid purple-esk color... Also my phone won't connect to it.... I need help.

Aidan Neuman - 답글

Have you found an answer for your issue yet? Mine has recently started doing the same thing. First it showed paired on my phone, but would not connect. I tried to unpair it, and to re-pair it, but now the JBL doesn’t even show as an option on Bluetooth no matter how many times I search for it. I tried holding down the center button to flash blue/red to pair, but it only shows a light purple color. If anyone has any answers I’d be forever grateful!! - Mel  [|]

Melissa -

My JBL Charge connects blue tooth but will not stop beeping. It connects then as music is playing It beeps 8 times, pauses then beeps 9 times.

Alan L Kershaw - 답글

Have the same problem since 15 days ago. Tried to emty the battery with no result. Music and connection is ok but it keeps beeping... Any ideas anyone ?

satworldgr -

So my JBL pulse 2 is on but none of the buttons are working. It won't turn off and has been on for quite a while. I only had it for 1 day

devin vongxay - 답글

JBL E40 Bt head phones I got only 1speaker playing on my head phones. It the 1 wit the buttons on it jumps in and out.Can i fix it?

Torrance Terrell - 답글

There are two sides at the speaker, is it normal that there comes no sound out of one side? If it's not normal, is there a way to make it?

louisvankerkhoven - 답글

Hello Louis!

Did you manage to find the source of the problem?

My bf's speakers have the same issue and found nothing why could this be...?

Thanks for your feedback in advance!

mate_henrietta -

Even I am having the same problem. is it supposed to be like that or is there a fault with the speaker.

Atif -

My Jbl e40bt is not charging in my house, but when i brought it back to the store, it is charging.. what seems to be the problem?

ponxesquivel - 답글

When I plug in the aux cord on my JBL E40BT headphones, the sound only comes on the left side, but when connected to Bluetooth, they actually sound on both sides... is this normal? Is there some way I can change this setting?

Gabriel Jorge - 답글

My speaker connects and plays and changes music fine. But recently i can no longer change the volume through my phone but i have to manually press the volume buttons on the speaker. Help?

Shufflesgirl5442 - 답글

when i play the music for like 8-10 mins the speaker just shut down by itself . i still cant figure out how to fix this problem. it would be great if anyone can help me out !!! thanks before hand .

Sethikun Sou - 답글

When I press the Bluetooth button, the light beneath it starts flashing and the speaker starts flipping between the different LED options. And it never stabilizes until I turn it off

babamoiz - 답글

I had the exact same Problem - after long searching i figured out , that my Samsung Smart TV (Series 5 ) was sending a Bluetooth signal, which caused the problem on the Pulse 2.

When i plug out my TV from the electricity, the Pulse 2 is working fine....

Arnold Gahleitner -

same problem. Samsung TV series 5 in the neighborhood :((

molpepe -

My pulse 2 does not play high volume if it does so then it will shut down or disconnect so I have to play it at very low sound plz plz help and it doesn't charge properly

Angadveer Pabla - 답글

can jbl reflect mini bt can connect to multiple phones ?

ex. I want to connect it with my iphone and nokia windows phone.

could anybody suggest me ?

rorrak phasuwan - 답글

When I manually plug my JBL speaker into my computer or my bose iPod station, it will play for a while then turn off. Sometimes it plays for a while at other times it goes off almost immediately. Any ideas?

annelorne -

when i turn my jbl speaker off it starts to turn back on by itself, the power button does not seem to be jammed though. Pairing still works fine and everything seems normal, it just doesn't turn off.

eliza cowan - 답글

My JBL Pulse 2's color sensor isn't working at all, when i select the mode for scanning colors, it starts with a dark orange and if i scan any color , it always turns yellow even tho I'm scanning blue and green and other colors...

Robin Klingst - 답글

I have a new JBL which is fine, except the volume is quite low. I think this is something to do with EU regulations. Anyone know how to overcome the problem????

Anthea Prentice - 답글

I have a new JBL which is fine, except the volume is quite low. I think this is something to do with EU regulations. Anyone know how to overcome the problem????

Anthea Prentice - 답글

It takes about 15 houres to charge my JBL charge 3, and within a like 3 houres the battery it empty. Yesterday I charged it, turned it off and this morning its is empty, so apparently it runs out of battery when its turned off...

thomasdekker02 - 답글

After transferring the jbl app update from my mobile to my jbl flip 3,while plugged in to a power source. Speaker does not on or respond!? Heellllpp!!

Challaine - 답글

my buttons on my jbl pulse 2 wont work and whenever i press the on button, the camera flashes a while light whats wrong with this???

skelemon - 답글

My JBL speaker was empty, so I put it on the charger. Now All the battery lights are on (while its still empty) And the speaker doesnt react at all to any buttons. Help! I need music

Marit langhorst - 답글

Hi there, i got the same issue like yours. Could you firgure it out yet ?

Phuong Pham -

The same . Can you fix it ?

Aurel Sobieraj -

Mi JBL Go se corta continuamente el Bluetooth desde todos mis dispositivos. Alguien sabe algo de eso !!!

Rodrigo - 답글

So I cannot connect to my JBL Clip 2 via Bluetooth or aux cable.I have had it on the charger for over an hour. I tried holding down the volume down and power button. That does not work, Are there any other solutions?

ATT Franklin Square - 답글

I haven't had my speaker for very long either and it gives me this fuzzy noise. I've never blasted the music, I haven't really used it much. I don't leave it on very long unless once or twice I left it on over night but shut it off once I woke up and let it charge. If you know how to fix it, please respond and tell me.

Kirk - 답글

I was listening to music through the speaker with no problems, when it suddenly turned of for no reason. I tried charging it but even then no lights are coming on anymore. if i press the power button it will make the power on sound and will then immediately turn back of. I've had the speaker for less then a month! Has anyone had the same problem or have any solutions?

Chloe Cook - 답글

Okey so I have a problem, when i put the headphones (Jbl EVEREST 300) to charge the LED of the Battery lights on and it's RED I know it means it's charging but about 10 seconds later the LED turns off.

I tried reconnecting it and it lights RED again 10 seconds, turns off.

It says in the Quick Guide (the little book that comes with the box) that "When it is RED it is charging and when it is WHITE it means it is fully charged" and mine is RED for 10 seconds and goes off. Can someone HELP ME PLEASE??

PoKoLaPoKo 15 - 답글

Blow air Air pressure into your micro usb hole.its dusty n so the charge isnt fully connecting properly to keep the charge on n so thats why its draining faster than its charging.also get a vacuum n suck the &&^ outa the hole to make sure u get rid of all the dirt n $@$*.n i recommend buying a magnetic micro usb charger wire to block the hole up so that dust cannot go in anymore n &&^ it up for u whilst still be able to be charged,plus u dont have to even plug it in anymore n the magnet will clip on to charge automatically when u bring it close..its about 10bucks on ebay.hope this works for u n helps out.hav a gud 1

Philip Le -

I am having the same problem. The device turns itself off after a few seconds. Is is possible that the battery needs charging. If so how does one charge ir?

varinder singh - 답글

Hey did u get it fixed yet?don't and dont buy a new battery or anything.go buy a air pressure can and blow the inside or ur micro usb port.then get ur vacuum cleaner n just place it there aswel just to suck out n get rid of the dirt.thats whats in the way n making it not charge properly or fast enough.should do the trick n be fine after also advise buying a magnetic micro usb charger wire for it so that it blocks the micro usb hole to prevent any dust goin in in the future whilst always going to be able to charge it without even having to plug it in.hope this helps hav a nice day

Philip Le -

I was having headache trying to connect this to my iPhone Bluetooth, and I just figured out it is working with the Audio cable, straight from phone to speaker but Bluetooth still not working, somehow Bluetooth has been deactivated to make it work with the audio cable.

Hope it helps people at list to don't throw it away yet Hahaha

elmer rodriguez - 답글

my jvl xtreme turn off by its self when listing to music on bluetooth


Randomly shut off in the middle of using it. now when I press the power button it starts to turn on (makes the "turn on" sound) but then just goes dead with no indication. - 답글

If your charge 2 don't charge n keeps on flashing all you gotta do it vacuum the micro usb hole and get a air pressure hose n blow it good to get rid of dust n $@$* n it should start charging normally again.thats what happened to 1st 1 i didn't know and so i ripped the battery out n cut the wires to it and cut my usb wire and charged it that way by twisting the wires together each time n the battery worked and charged fine like normal.

Philip Le - 답글

kept it charge n all,so nothing was ever wrong with the battery at was just a hassle connecting it everytime it needed charging so i bought a new 1.but i guess u can get clips if you can't get ur port clean to charge n need to do it that way.n so yea don't chuck it n dont go wasting money n time getting a new 1 n try that 1st n if it doesn't work still after cleaning it then u can charge it by taking the wires apart

Philip Le - 답글

jus be careful not to electricute yourself n always have the wire unplugged whilst connecting it to the battery.dony take the battery out too.just cut where its connected to the port at the bottom and get some speaker wires and either glue it on or soldering it should be better,then put clamps on each end to cover it and clips on each wire.makes it easier instead of having to twist em together everytime .but just doing a good clean should do the trick,i think the dust n $@$* just clogged it up n so it wasnt able to fully comnect properly to give it a good charge n so yea. It did the trick 4 mine n it's been fine since.just wish i worked it out before taking my old 1 apart n buying a new speaker ever tho aye n so it'd be a waste to chuck it.

Philip Le - 답글

Hello everyone! When i plug my JBL GO(a yellow one) to the power source, the red led indicating it's charging stays on for aproximately 1 minute, it does not blink as I know it shows low charge, but I don't know?Should the red led always stay on when the speaker is plugged into the laptop or the power source that is in the wall?

marius.jula - 답글

My IPhone 6 does not see the JBL charge when its looking for Bluetooth. It was working just fine with my IPhone 5 one week ago. Is there a way I could reset the device to be able to connect it to my new phone?

sebastien - 답글

I've had my jbl on the charger for about a day and came back to turn it on. After i push the power button it turns on but then immediately turns off. I don't know if anyone has the same problem but I'm not sure how to fix it, anyone know how?

Amber Studebaker - 답글

Same problem %#*@

Patrik But -

Hi i just bought my iPhone 6s and iT Will not connect to my jbl charge 3 i hear the sound of connection but iT isnt connect Someren can u please help me

Patrick polderman - 답글

They say it's water proof but the second time I fully submerge it water gets into the speaker and has destroyed me speaker won't charge won't do anything

Cane - 답글

No es sumergible, es sólo impermeable.

Santi Montes -

EspaNo es sumergible, sólo impermeable

Santi Montes -

Thanks guys for your tips!

I bought JBL GO online for almost 1000pesos, but after 1week it won't found by any Bluetooth device ; and i read someone says "Just press and hold the power button for long seconds until it beeps. " And then VOILA! It's working fine again. Thank you very much

Jonathan Minguez (Ming) - 답글

i tried playing a song from youtube thru bluetooth but there is no sound coming out from the speaker but if i tried playing a song save in my laptop then it plays. do you know how to fix this guys? btw. my jbl is the SB150

Manolett - 답글

I have an jbl xtreme ir was charging very well the 5 led ligths turned on when it was full charged. But now only 3 are turned on and the 4 is blinking. Why it happens, its bad? Help

pdp182 - 답글

Any one had a problem. With jbl everest 100 any fixes

Wayne LaPorte. Sr - 답글

My jbl charge wont flash red paring light no matter when and how long i press the power button. Please help me

Ilmari Törmänen - 답글

How do you know when the Reflect Mini BT has fully charged? What light should it be?

peterratto - 답글

I have the JBL Flip 3. It is working well but the led indicators will always stay at 5 dots and when the speaker is about to shut down they will go down in minutes. What should I do?

Nasos - 답글

My jbl extreme won't's been less than a month since i had this item. I'm confuse how to have this fix. I'm from cebu and this was bought by my uncle through amazon in the US so i don't have the proof of me

Eduard - 답글

the problem of mine is not shutting down

it is just opened and i can't turn it off

Aanush Dil Box - 답글

Am experiencing the same problem its on and cannot connect either have u found a solution to the problem

Ahmed Suleiman -

So my JBL headphones are charging and the light comes on, but when I pull out the charger it just dies and dosent turn back on. I've charged it for 5 hours and it still does the same thing. HELP PLZZ

Elijah - 답글

Hey Tobias, thanks for the valuable tip. I had same issue and now it's working.

Pritie B - 답글

Another issue is in spite charging for more than an hour it's status indicator is red. Any work around for this would be great.

Pritie B - 답글

My headphones used to turn off after a while when im not using it and now after download an app from the app store it made it stop so it doesn't turn off on its on and wastes my battery how do I fix it

Michelle - 답글

can i keep the jbl charge 3 connected to power all the time without damaging the battery

Mohamed Al-Awwa - 답글

my jbl go is not bluetoothing there is no sign of damage and it is charged

emonekoda - 답글

My jbl speaker is producing a fuzzy noise while playing bass in songs, I have never put it in water but I use it in the bathroom while i take a shower... could the steam from the shower damage the speaker?

Patrick Seery - 답글

Mine is the jbl t450bt hold down for 30 sec or so on the power button, still no light, nothing. Anyone got the same problem? Can help me fix this problem?

Zenerin - 답글

I have the charge 3 and my power light is on but it's white and it's only on when I have the charger connected once I take it off it turns off and if I try to turn it on the lights blink on and stay off what's the problem

Diego corea - 답글

I have the same problem did u find out how to fix it?

Tevaun Richardson -

Hi, how long takes from first to second led to charge? i stay more then two hours and still the first one blinking. Help pls

dinkokolev13 - 답글

I bought my JBL Pulse 2 like this morning and now the lights are working just in one tiny corner!! I bought it like 8 hours ago how could this be?? Anyone has any ideas???

Ante Odrljin - 답글

My JBL Xtreme recently had a short circuit. Now I'm unable to charge it or even use it at all. Does it mean I will have to change the battery for it to work again?

Calix Ondzie - 답글

My JBL Pulse 2 seems to randomly cut out when it has audio (from a turntable) playing through the headphone jack. I thought it was the cable, so I brought a new one but it's still cutting out. It can sometimes go for a few minute without cutting out but it's insanely frustrating when it does inevitably does cut out again. Anyone else have the same issue?

Dan Tanda. - 답글

I have the same problem. Did you manage to solve it?

Hidden fremen -

My Jbl connect but I can't hear anything all the button are on.. Can any one help me

chasidy1684 - 답글

When I tried to open up my JBL Go to replace its battery pack, I was met with a ton of this sticky goop which was extremely difficult to remove. After removing the battery pack I came to the conclusion that the soldering holes are so small that I can't take out all the solder. Basically I lost this speaker thanks to manufacturer lockdown. Don't buy. It's like the Apple of the Bluetooth speakers.

Condor - 답글

My jbl cjarge 3 speaker is connected to my desktop computer but won't play sound

ellisbeaman - 답글

Hi guys my charge 3 wont charge it flashes red saying its flat but when i plug it in all the lights show whit which means its full any help????

Mike - 답글

I have the same problem?Did you get it fixed?

eon219 -

my Pulse 2 the led ligths stop working any Idea how to fix it? ot had happen to u you guys? please help

Pro Sign - 답글

My JBL E40 BL bluetooth Headphones will not play in Stereo. Any solutions. Email ID:

Nazeem Pather - 답글

My charge 3 won't turn on. It was fully charged but the lights are only showing the first light. It doesn't blink or make the normal sound as it does when it is turned on, and will not turn off. It's just stuck with one light on constantly... It had been working completely fine prior to, without issue. Any ideas? I love this speaker

rjguyiii - 답글

I have a JBL Reflect Mini BT it is fully charged. When I am working out it tends to stop playing, almost as if it was skipping. I know that the audio is fine. Just very annoying. Has anyone come across this issue and/or knows how to correct. I have also revisited my BT settings and "forgotten" and resynced the device. Any help would be appreciated - thanks

corrine.chyz - 답글

Hi guys...

I bought JBL xtreme a week ago...

But now it has stopped working. I can't turn it on...

The power button lights when it is charging...

But I CAN'T TURN IT ON....And it is full charged....

Please any help...

Said Mgeleka - 답글

My Charge 3 has started turning off whenever I plug it in. I can't use it when it's charging. I'm also unable to update it because it needs to be on and plugged in to update. I've already tried a reset. Help please.

Ian - 답글

I was charging my headphones... disconnected the cord, wanted to listen to music... nothing... I try to turn the headphones off... wont turn off. The light is a steady light and wont do $@$*. Nothing works, computer cant detect the device and Donald Trump is still president.

Gin Morrison - 답글

Used to be able to connect to my iPhone by blue tooth but now just won't show up on my mobile as a Bluetooth device. I can still use the cord to connect for sound though.

Elisha Pangilinan - 답글

Its flashing colores and the bluetooth not working and its 3 hr old i bought it today!!!!!

Saleh - 답글

Welcome to my world, I wonder if this is a good brand...

Soorya Townley -

How do you un-connect other devices from this speaker?

Alexis - 답글

My jbl wouldn't turn off and it wouldn't even connect to my Bluetooth

Jeroma gibbons - 답글

I was enjoying my speakers for a few months. Brand new. They stopped working so I mailed them back all the way from Africa to the USA and the store gave me a new set of speakers. (After I waited a month. ) Now my New speakers have no sound. They charged properly and show the blinking lights but no sound. Does anyone have a suggestion? Help!

Soorya Townley - 답글

Been charging for like 3 hours. When I turn it on the light turns blue and then turns off. When I plug it in it flashes red and purple and then turns off. Music only plays for like a sec before it turns off. Just bought today. Anybody know how to fix?

Booker Evan - 답글

hey guys, when I plugin my JBL POWER UP the LED turns on but it turns off immediatly but it makes no sound at all,any ideas plz ??

yass lam - 답글

When I try to turn my JBL XTREME it won't turn on. But when I plug it in to its has a white led on the power button. Is there anyway someone can help me?

brandon ortega - 답글

My jbl Turns on when i press the on button but quckly turns off and wont connect via bluetooth

White Bean productions - 답글

i will plug my jbl pulse in and play music all day at work but while it is plugged in it uses all the battery but wont charge while plugged in am i doing something wrong or does the device just strait only use battery life and doesnt use power while plugged in instead of battery

Ryan Tierney - 답글

My name is Alique Brumaire my jbl pulse 2 only come on wen plug it up and turns off when I unplug it none of my buttons work I tried shaking it taping it and it still won't work need help

Alique Brumaire - 답글

I bought jbl charge 3 but sides aren't moving according to the beat any reason why?

- Drak - - 답글

hi my problem is that my phone connects with the box but when i want to play music it disconnects itself? can somebody help plz

Dries Keghels - 답글

So you have any issue of you device not blinking when you are charging ?

Jegbefumwen Abel -

Hey! My lamp is just on all the time, no matter what I do. It's like this sort faded while glow, that menas it's on but not connected. Ive tried charging it, etc, nothing happens.. help?

Paul Bareis - 답글

My jbl charge k3+ won't blink when I charge,I can't tell if it's charging ….I need help

Jegbefumwen Abel - 답글

Hey!my JBL charge k3+ doesn't blink when I plug in charger ,I can't tell when it's charging…please I need help

Jegbefumwen Abel - 답글

Well my jbl pulse 2 isnt responding….its not switching off after i charged it there is this one button below the bluetooth button which is showing light and other buttons dont respond can anyone tell me how to fix it?

Ankur - 답글

I bought jbl elite 700. Why does the charging red light still on when I unplug it from charging?

Deanna Ho - 답글

I have to press the power button twice on my JBL xtreme to turn it on

Lucky L - 답글

The charge lights on my jbl charge 3 shows red blinking and doesn't change I've charged it overnight several times as well, and still no change. Anyone know a fix?

Brenner McHugh - 답글

i have a jbl how should i charge. i use the speaker for my phone and laptop

debramarrone - 답글

i have ajbl and i use it for my phone and laptop. how do i charge

debramarrone - 답글

When I try to use my JBL charge 3 the led turns red a short time after. Then I try to charge it for hours but the battery doesn’t charge to more than 1 battery level out of 5. What can I do?

Louis Tschanz - 답글

JBL Charge 2+

Out of nowhere, the Power botton light came on & the “Phone symbol” light came on. I can’t shut it off or do ANYTHING with it. Anyone else ever experienced this? Help… my speaker is LIFE!!!!!

Frank Sigala - 답글

my k3 d ischarges battery even when i turned it off why?

obetta joseph - 답글

my k3 bluetooth speaker discharge while turned off why ?

obetta joseph - 답글

I have 2 jbl charge 3 everytym i connect it should be close to each other and when u put the other jbl far the sound is cutting

Devon - 답글

I hav 2jbl charge 3 everytime i put it the other 1 away the song is cuttin. it should be close to each other wat should i do?

Devon - 답글

It doesn't turn on nor does it charge. Just got it one day ago and it's truly emabarrasing…

Nirmal Shrestha - 답글

i just got my bluetooth speaker in the mail the other day and it won’t charge only three lights are lit up on it i used it before putting it on the charger first

ceara - 답글

I have a problem with my speaker it jbl charge 3 and the problem is i try to put it on water then after i take it off from the water my speaker starts to go crazy and it turns off and it can’t charge

Maiku - 답글

Hi, whenever I charge my jbl charge 3,it always heats up.As in it gets very hot :(

Christian Czar - 답글

Hi my jbl link 10 is powered on but neither can I switch it off and when I connect it the volume is very low please advise what to do

Gopal Raghvani - 답글

So I have not treated my JBL E55BT very harshly. They have stoped turning on all together and I don’t hear anything on the inside. I don’t have the tools to open it up

Sam - 답글

Hi. Is it normal when my charge 3 suddenly stops while floating on water?

Meliton Geronimo - 답글

Hi everybody. So I have a JBL E4BT, Bluetooth headphones.. and I don’t know what happened but they won’t turn on. I had charged it overnight and they were working fine this morning! Two hours later, they won’t turn on at all. What can I do??

anielys briganti - 답글

This is almost exactly what happened to me, have you figured this out?

James Lamp IV -

This is happening to me too :(

On phone with customer support right now and they didn’t have any solutions for me. I also asked if this is a common problem. The support rep said “no, first time hearing of power issues with the E45bt” but that looks like it’s not the case. Luckily since it’s been less than a year since it was purchased they are working to process a replacement, but yea support staff didn’t seem to have any troubleshooting issues. They did say theres a way to reset the headphones, but it needs to be turned on in order to do that…

My headphones also did this thing where i was trying to charge them, and the red light would come on but then randomly turn off. I’d have to unplug the charge cable and reinsert it, then the red charging light would come on again

squirrel45 -

Jbl came yesterday. Turned on worked for an hour then went flat. Charged it, full charged but won't turn on. HELP ME

Rennear - 답글

My JBL 3 will not take a charge red button flashes

andretta steele - 답글

My JBL 3 will not take a charge red button flashes after charging all night

andretta steele - 답글

Why is JBL charge 2 doesnt turn off?

John Michael Hamid - 답글

I have the jbl tt110bt 1 day… but when I listen to some music or even type, it makes a beeping noise that wont stop and its irritating me. does anyone know what the problem is…

ImSamHB - 답글

while playing music on my jbl charge 3 i turned low frequency mode on,after few second it’s stop working and the device turned off after that i m pressing power butten nothing happening only one time bettery percentage lighs blinking what to do i need help plzzz help me its my new speaker its just around 1 month older plzzz

any one have solution do a favour do reply on my email id and the id is

its an request plzzzz help

Khan Rizvi - 답글

Cherokee Summer, thanks a million. Your reset procedure fixed my problem. I just bought the JBL 310 yesterday. It worked fine at home. But on a flight today it wouldn't turn on. I bought it for my trip. Holding power and volume down did the trick.

Eddie E Hicks Sr - 답글

Hi. My jbl contour headphones won’t go to pairing mode. When I hold down the power button the light turns a purple. I am wondering if there is anything I can do to get it pairing again?

Mike - 답글

I own a JBL CHARGE 3+, and I was wondering; Is there a way to skip the track?

Micki Puntigam - 답글

The red indicator light of my BT speaker is still on after six hours of charge. Why?

Innocenth Qhing - 답글

my jbl speaker keeps blinking I charged it for 7 hrs and keeps blinking and dosent work

Jason Delatorre - 답글

When I plug in the charger the red light goes on, but then goes off after about 10 seconds and theJBL 300 headphones do nothing.

Dave - 답글

having same issue, discussed this with customer support over the phone today and they said that is “not normal and indication of defective product- the light should consistently stay on the whole time while charging until charging is complete”.

I’m returning mine and getting a new one.

squirrel45 -

my Jbl E45BT headphones trun off when the Left speaker comes down, It works perfectly fine when it is up like when you fold it to put it away, but when it come down it turns off.

freefall27 - 답글

When I plug my JBL E45BT into the charger, the charge Light will turn on, but go off after about 25 seconds. The light in the power switch will never turn on, I have tried everything, even the 30 second thing that everybody else said worked for them. PLEASE HELP

James Lamp IV - 답글

Just got my jbl Bluetooth speaker not too long ago and after about a week of using it, it would no longer hold a charge.

Cam Webb - 답글

I made an update on my charge3 from android 6. Now I cannot have stereo mode on my device that runs android 5.1 what to do?

Greg Mantis - 답글

Is it possible to operate JBL Charge (1) plugged to the charger with its battery removed/missing? My battery is badly deteriorated and I hope to be able to use my JBL Charge while looking for a battery replacement.

dukendelmo - 답글

My JBL speaker do not charge anymore

Barry Bush - 답글

I have a problem. The speaker works normally,but those circles which show if the battery is fully charged aren’t white as usual. The red light is on even when the charger is plugged.

club_antrum - 답글

My JBL Flip does not charge. One red light that flashes, connected with charger to good wall plug or not. The white lights do not go on anymore. It plays while connected for a few minutes, but then shuts off by itself and still does not charge. I have tried holding the button down as people have suggested, but this did not seem to do anything. Help!!!!! I cannot live without music.

Nancy Hartstein - 답글

Hi I have no problem wiht my charge 3 but yesterday y accidentaly put it in my bike holder bottle and the bluetooth fisical button fall off, how do I fix it??

felipe_h17 - 답글

My JBL everest 300 headphones turn on and say connect to device but when i do it wont connect. I need help

Baka Ciatta - 답글

My jbl free case will not charge my headphones even though it has full battery on the charging case. But it will charge if I have the case connected to a power source and then put the headphones in. Any idea what could be going on?

Nicholas - 답글

The red light in my JBL go is continuously glow when i charged it almost 9 hours until i charged . Why is this happening? s far as i know when the jbl go is fully charged the red light is gone. Help me please!

mperalta100 - 답글

It won’t turn on. I have a JBL E55BT bluetooth headphones, they charge but can’t turn on. Only after a few weeks or days they turn on. It’s happen so often it became really annoying. Someone help me.

Alta - 답글

my JBL Pluse 3 only charges to 2 dots and no further than that. i left it charging for a couple of hours and it was right where I left it. Is anyone else having these issues or know what it could be, please help thanks!!!

mathew4186 - 답글

My jbl charge won't turn on . but some time when i press vol down Shoing blue blue red red red ……… .

Debu - 답글

Holding down the power button for about a minute worked, reset the device and it worked fine. How would you ever know this with out reading a comments page like this.


andrew.pettit - 답글

Good day, my problem is when i try to open my jbl charge 3, it wont on. But when i try to plug a charger on it, then i try to open it, it works normally. What possibly the problem on that? Sorry for my english hehe

rafael_corre - 답글

After splashing the speaker with water (which is waterproof) it’s not working unless connected with the charge only what shall I do

Omar Qaddoumi - 답글

The three middle leds in the charge k3+ Doesnt work why ?

And how can i fix it please ?

ayaselo963 - 답글

I have a JBL charge 3 speaker, and today I noticed that it was only playing on one side of the of the speaker , the half where the JBL sign shows was working and the other half wasn’t, does anyone know what might be goin on here? Not cheap speaker and I am quite up set.

Kitty Ottiger - 답글

i have a prob with my jbl charge 3 the battery light still blinks even when it’s turned off pls help! - 답글

When i charge my new jbl speaker the red light dissapears. Is it normal??

Bernard uera - 답글

My JBL E45BT after it’s connected via bluetooth or aux the left side of the headphone won't make any sound, but the right side is working well

dhafin noufal - 답글

Jbl valt uit als we willen veranderen op de ihone

Rik Verbeure - 답글

My Jbl Headphones keeps turning of every time I plug in the Aux cord can someone please help me.

Brittany-Alayna - 답글

When I connect my JBL charge three to my macbook pro, the sound is muffled and poor. This doesn’t happen when connected to anything else.

Madeline Macleod - 답글

I wrote the solution above…

Go to System Preferences >> Sound >> Input >> Internal Microphone >> and unmark “use ambient noise reduction”.

Margarita Medvedeva -

Will not make the guitar strum sound,so cant get any farther to set up.

jjohnson.5454 - 답글

Have the jbl charge 3 and it will not make the guitar strum sound therefore it's not letting me going any farther.

jjohnson.5454 - 답글

I am very happy with my speaker, great sound but it keeps on disconnecting. I have a 10meg fibre WiFi at home with a string signal but still just disconnects. Then I have to unplug it from the wall before it will reconnects to my Samsung S7 mobile Bluetooth. Pls help it is quite annoying. Thx!

riaan van der berg - 답글

Hey, I need help. My JBL GO speaker doesn’t propely work What to do?

When I turn it on 1s blue light and then just for 10s blinks red and automatickly shuts down.

What to do?

Nerijus - 답글


I have a problem with my job speaker. Nothing seems to work. I can't switch it on and none of the buttons do anything. It was great use it regularly but out the blue it has just died. It is less than 10 months old. Can you give me any advice please?

Mark - 답글

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