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After holding on button or charging you still can't get the screen to turn on

Check the screen for any signs of damage i.e. cracks or gouges. A replacement guide can be found here.

If the phone still will not turn on, it is possible the logic board is bad or has been damaged and must be replaced. A replacement guide can be located here.

After checking the screen, try plugging the phone into your supplied charger. (The one that came with the phone.) A guide can be accessed here to replace the battery.

After the phone screen is turned on it will not continue onto the home screen

Sometimes this issue is caused by the storage built into the phone is full and the phone is not able to load the boot software. Plug the phone into a computer and erase all unnecessary files.

This issue is most likely caused by the motherboard being bad or broken and must be replaced. Replace the motherboard yourself by following the guide here.

The screen is cracked or damaged

Replace the screen using screens and digitizers sold on iFixIt. Follow the guide to replace the cracked or damaged screen here.

The volume buttons will not respond to anything regardless of the software opened

This is sometimes caused by the buttons being obstructed by debris.

This can be caused by the buttons being damaged. Replace the button assemblies by purchasing a new assembly and replacing it here.

The Moto E will not boot after the phone has been unplugged from the wall or USB charging port

The battery has become damaged or "worn out" and will need to be replaced. It is fairly simple to replace the battery, and you can do that yourself by clicking here. A guide can be accessed here to replace the battery.

The rear facing camera is not working or is not properly functioning

This is sometimes caused by the camera being water damaged or broken. You can replace the camera assembly by following the guide located here.

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my moto e fall down & display is off show nothing but the touch working properly,what can i do ?

jitesh - 답글

Hey there my moto e 1 generation is not turning on it only shows the symbol of moto and does not proceed further......what is the problem with my phone

chini275 - 답글

Same problem with me as well...what have you done

Aakash Abhani -

My moto e 1st gen is not switching ON it only shows Moto symbol, I opened boot menu nd tried all the options of recovery, factory, normal setup..but nothing seems to work, also no command symbol comes. Battery is draining on its own...What to do in this case ??

Aakash Abhani -

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