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Toshiba Chromebook 2 Troubleshooting

The Toshiba Chromebook 2 laptop was released in 2014, and the model number is CB35-B3340.

The Chromebook won’t turn on and it has no signs of powering up.

The battery of the Chromebook can lose the capability of recharging itself, this means the battery is dead. Prior to this happening, the Chromebook will hold battery for less time than it did originally. If this is the case follow the Battery Replacement Guide on how to install a new one.

When pressing the power key it may not register with the Chromebook. See Chromebook keyboard won’t respond.

Audio from headphones or speakers won’t play or cuts out.

In the lower right corner of the screen, there is a row of icons. Click this picture to bring up the settings. Under Sound, check that the audio is at a high volume and not muted. If at a low volume or muted, raise the volume or un-mute. Also check the output destination of the audio, to make sure it is to the desired location (i.e. speakers or headphones).

A faulty extension may be causing the sound to work improperly. First disable all extensions and recheck if sound works. If sound works with extensions disabled, reinstall extensions one by one checking sound each time. If sound works improperly again, with one of these extensions enabled, uninstall the faulty extension.

If sound problems continue after checking for faulty extensions, a factory reset may be required. Before performing this make sure to backup the data as this process will wipe all data from the computer.

If sound problems continue, the speakers may be blocked by some debris. Follow the Speaker Replacement Guide in order to clean any debris from the speakers. Wipe away any visible debris from the speaker and reinstall.

If sound problems continue after cleaning away any debris, speakers may need to be fully replaced. Follow the Speaker Replacement Guide to replace them.

When plugging in the charger, it won’t recharge the computer and the charging light doesn’t light up.

Dirt, dust or other debris in the charging port could cause the charger to not connect completely to the computer. Cleaning this port will allow the charger to connect correctly, and charge the computer. If the problem persists, follow the Charging Port Replacement guide.

If the charging port is clean and the charger is connected to the computer but the light is still not on and no charging is occurring, then the charger itself may be broken. Plan to purchase a new charger from Toshiba or various other vendors.

The power button is lit up, but the screen has no images, or the screen is too dim with only faint images.

Screen's display brightness may be turned too low. Press the eighth key from the left on the top row to turn the brightness up. This key has a picture of a large gear on it.

Press the power button for 30 seconds. Then repress it to turn it back on. Once the computer boots back up, the screen should work.

If the Chromebook's power light is on, and the other troubleshooting problems listed above didn't fix the problem, the screen might be broken and need replacing. To confirm the screen is broken, use an HDMI cable and plug the Chromebook into an external display. Hold down ctrl and press the fifth key from the left on the top row to mirror the internal and external displays (the key has a rectangle with triangles in two corners). If the Chromebook's display works on the external display, the screen needs to be replaced. Follow the Toshiba Chromebook 2 Display Replacement Guide.

When using the touchpad to navigate the screen, the pointer doesn’t move.

If there is dirt or dust on the touchpad, wipe the trackpad with a paper towel or rag until the touchpad is clean and free of the dust/dirt.

There may be a problem with the software recognizing the touchpad. In device manager, try uninstalling the touchpad and then restart the Chromebook.

The touchpad itself may be broken or disconnected. If it is still not not working follow the Touchpad Replacement Guide.

Keyboard keys won’t respond or are slow to respond when pressed.

Sometimes debris can fall onto the keyboard and externally clutter it. Wipe the keyboard with a rag or hold the laptop upside down and shake the laptop until the debris is dislodged.

Sometimes debris can fall and become lodged under the keyboard. See our repair guide to access beneath the keyboard.

Sometimes the problem lies with the laptop itself registering that the keys were actually pressed. To fix this, perform a factory reset.

When using the web camera for video chatting through various websites and the camera won’t produce images.

There might be a problem with the software connecting to the camera. Try to restart the computer, uninstall the video chat app and reinstall it, or reset the Chromebook.

How to Hard Reset Chromebook

The problem might be with the camera itself. In this case the purchase and installment of an additional webcam will be the best solution.

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30 second hold on power worked like magic!! Thank you so much I thought I was going to have to buy another chromebook coz all other options had failed.. your fix worked beautifully

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